Disney's Home on the Range Credits

Developed by Artificial Mind & Movement

Lead Game DesignerJean Carrières
Artistic DirectionThomas Wilson, Keith O'Donnell
ProducerSimon Desjardins
GBA Team LeadStéphane Leblanc
Engine ProgrammerStéphane Hockenhull
Tools ProgrammerBenoit Hubert
Level ProgrammersBenoit Hubert, Alexandre Gauthier
Game DesignersÉric Lachapelle, Pierre-Luc Foisy
ArtistsMarianne Cliche, Yan Bohler
AnimationsDavid Richard
Sound DesignJean-Frédéric Vachon
Executive ProducerRémi Racine
Chief Creative OfficerClaude Pelletier
Senior ProducerDenis Lacasse
Chief Technology OfficerMartin Walker
Lead TesterCédric Michéa
TestersBradley Bourne, Wesley Pincombe, Jean-Sébastien Marcoux
Additional Game DesignMario Lord
Additional Sound DesignMark Mitchell, Daran Nadra
Special Thanks ToAlain Moreau, Eric Bégin, Martin Saindon, Martin Leblanc, Maria Radice, Mylène Fréchette, Sophie Lemieux, Stéphanie Langlois, Chantal Poirier, Stéphane Caron, Friends & Families
Music & GAX Sound DriverShin'en

Disney Interactive

Senior ProducerMary Jo LaRoche
ProducerShane Keller
Director of MarketingRobert Picunko
Senior Marketing ManagerDana Long


QA Sr. ManagerDavid Arnspiger
SupervisorLuigi Pardo
Lead TesterEitan Levine
Senior TesterStephen H. Lewis
TestersPeter Filice, Steven Gay, Edward Bolus, Shin Park

QA Technology Team

SupervisorsScott Torroll, Mario Donis, Caesar Infante
Special Thanks ToLaura Kampo, Jeffrey W. Blattner, Shannon Monroe, Tamira Webster, Roxanne Smaldino, Jeff Galloway, Scott Seiffert

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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (64696)