Disney's Kim Possible: Revenge of Monkey Fist Credits

Developed by Digital Eclipse Software, Inc.

Lead ProgrammerBryan Sawler
Assistant Art DirectorDean Lee
Tools ProgrammerTim Glasser
ArtistsArvin Bautista, Kevin James, Antony Mazzotta, Luc Verhulst, Pete Ward
MusicRobert Baffy
SFXRobert Baffy
Original Concept DesignMicah Russo
Level Design and ProductionJoe Cain
ProducerMichael Bilodeau
Senior ProducerWilliam Baffy
Creative DirectorMichael Mika Sr.
Art DirectorBoyd Burggrabe
Production ManagerChris Charla
Executive ProducersAndrew Ayre, Jeff Vavasour
Special ThanksGod, Everyone's Mom and Dad, Sherri B., Mr. Awesome and the Fellowship Spectaculaire, Christy Stewart, Jen, Zander, My son, Lisa Dodge, Marcus, Dyana Klein, Chelesa Pace, Julia Fortuna, Honor E. Verita, Nell'amore, 'my and 'dy, Little Kimmie, Bruce Tim, Alex Chawla, Dave Chawla, All the creatures of the world, Team Possible!, Even the ones with the Double Z's in their names

Disney Interactive

Associate ProducerPatrick Larkin
Senior ProducerPeter Wyse
Vice President, Product Development, ConsoleDan Winters
Senior ArtistKen Christiansen
Director of MarketingRobert Picunko
Associate Marketing ManagerNichol Bradford
Manager, Creative DevelopmentJoseph Cotter
Assistant Manager, Marketing ServicesNina Priore
Senior Manager, Quality AssuranceDavid Arnspiger
Supervisor, Quality AssuranceLuigi Pardo
QA Project LeadEd Bolus
QA Test TeamEitan Levine, Jonathan M. Martinez
Special ThanksLuigi Priore, Tamira Webster
Disney Character Voices StaffRenée Johnson, Randy Coppinger, Susan Ryan
With the Voice Talents of:Earl Boen, John DiMaggio, Angela Eggleston, Will Friedle, Tom Kane, Christina Milian, Christy Carlson Romano, Nicole Sullivan, Frank Welker
Video EditingForward Never Straight Productions
Video Compression4X Technologies

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