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GameZone (Dec 06, 2002)
An average action game that will please younger Kim Possible fans, but the brevity and slight blandness of the gameplay takes away from the appeal to a wider audience.
What I liked about this game is that it really aims to please the fans of the series (who mainly are little kids). In its very essence that was KP: RoMF's fatal flaw. It aimed to please the targeted audience so much that all the other audiences weren't taken into consideration. So, the end result was that the game was only fun if you are part of the targeted audience. A little kid wouldn't like an extremely difficult game that didn't have a story that resembled the actual show. Kim Possible: Revenge of Monkey Fists gives exactly what Kim Possible fans wanted. To make the targeted audience even happier, they made it easier and they added extras. If you're a gamer who is just starting to play games and need to improve on his/her gaming skills and/or if you are a big fan of the show, you should get this game. If you are not part of the targeted audience, I suggest that you don't call, beep, or try to reach Kim Possible.
EAGB Advance (Nov 28, 2003)
Just like the TV series, Kim Possible the game should have been fun and entertaining. Unfortunately, this isn't the case, due to some appalling design choices. First off, is the irritating "cartwheel/jump" in the control system. Second, is that some parts of it is way too difficult considering its target audience and finally, the use of a cumbersome seven digit password save. Despite the flaws, however, the game is still playable and what I might consider flaws, others might view as challenges. Fans of the series in particular might want to give it a try, and if you do then all I can say is, good luck because you're going to need it!
Sauber animiert, stylische Kampftechniken. stabile Prügelbasis. Doch leider war es das auch schon. Abgesehen davon, dass Storyline und roter Faden selbst unter dem Mikroskop kaum zu finden sind, wird das Ganze auch noch recht schnell langweilig. Allerdings machen erst die vielen kleinen Schnitzer den tiefen Griff ins Klo aus. Es ist fast unmöglich, Kims Spezialradsprung richtig zu timen. Man landet irgendwo in der Prärie oder im Graben, aber nicht auf dem anvisierten Ziel. Oben drauf noch bildbasierte und damit bescheiden zu notierende Passwörter - ein Frustpaket in hübscher Verpackung.
IGN (Jan 10, 2003)
Kim Possible is another case of a game caught up in the Christmas rush -- everything is there and polished except for one simple thing, and that one simple thing acid-washes the whole outfit. It was never great to begin with, but the GBA is starving for action, so this would have fit the bill perfectly if they had just polished that one aspect and let kids enjoy the whole thing. The "sitch", as Kim would say, is that this game is just too much the drama.