Disney's Kim Possible: Revenge of Monkey Fist Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Title screen
Each stage has a title card like this
You are then shown where the stage takes place
Kim can run fairly fast
She also has a variety of acrobatic moves
Wade will often chime in with some hints
Enemies don't "die", they just get dizzy
Watch out for those flames, Kim!
Arcade games of assorted sizes and colors
Watch Kim beat the stuffing out of foes!
This disco bear was taken by a villain and given laser eyes!
After each level, you'll get a password!
Level two begins
Kim can hang from ledges like this locker
Watch out for the toxic goo...in...the school?
Kim fires her laser lipstick at a bully
You can also view your current password from the pause screen
Floating Kim heads represent an extra life
The watch will temporarily protect you from any hits
The short guy can't see Kim from here!
Drakken's thugs-for-hire also make an appearance
Behind you, Kim! BEHIND YOU!
Checking out the outer section of the school
Listen to what Wade has to say by pressing Select
A change of scenery - a murky forest
Kim is about to enter cabin ten
These thugs can also fire lasers from their weapons
Kim blasts the door open with her lipstick laser
Game over!
Kim encounters Shego - this will be trouble!