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Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (Game Boy Advance)

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Quick/Easy 7 Banana Coins for half a levelContributed by Gerand Geraldson (2) on Oct 22, 2005.

In order to do this trick you must have Gangplank Galley completed (so you can use the START/SELECT method). When you get to the midway point in Gangplank Galley, go back and get the chest and smash it on an enemy to get a banana coin. Then head right from the midway point and fall down the first edge you come to. You'll be launched along the bottom where you'll receive bananas and 3 more coins. Then continue to the end of the level, over the goal target to get 3 more banana coins. But don't hit the goal, simply press START and then SELECT. Re-enter the level and your back at the midway point. Repeat this trick until you've got all the banana coins you want.

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