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    Plusieurs guerriers parmi les plus puissants de la série Dragon Ball Z® ont décidé de se réunir dans ce SUPERBE jeu de combat aérien DBZ® sur Game Boy Advance.
    Préparez-vous à ressentir une puissance jamais égalée, la bataille va bientôt commencer.


    • Un jeu d'une beauté graphique irréprochable proche de la série
    • Des coups puissants et variés avec des combats aériens qui sont tellement chers à la série.
    • Un Tutorial permets d'assimiler les 12 coups différents et les 12 autres propres à certains personnages ! 4 modes de jeux : Histoire, Tournoi, Challenge et Bataille Libre.
    • Les 3 premiers modes permettent de gagner de l'argent pour débloquer de nouveaux personnages, histoires et des niveaux de difficulté.
    • Une équipe de 3 ou 4 personnages est réalisable pour combiner les compétences et gagner dans les modes Tournoi et Challenge
    • Jouable seul ou à 2 via le cable Link

    Contributed by Xoleras (66841) on Sep 23, 2005.

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    Date: June 23, 2004 Latest Title Features All-New Aerial Combat Element

    BEVERLY, MA, June 23, 2004 - Fast-paced fighting and energy attacks highlight the fierce intensity of the Dragon Ball Z® experience as Atari (Nasdaq: ATAR) today announced it has shipped Dragon Ball Z®: Supersonic Warriors’ for Nintendo Game Boy® Advance. Now for the first time ever in a Dragon Ball Z® video game, fans can take their battles skyward by launching explosive aerial assaults on opponents, just like in the animated series.

    "The DBZ® franchise has established itself as one of the premier fighting franchises and we are proud to continue offering experiences that capture the essence of the property," said Nancy MacIntyre, vice president of Marketing for Atari's Beverly Studio. "With Supersonic Warriors, Atari goes a step further in the recreation of the animated series by adding aerial maneuvers and in-flight battles to an existing foundation of enticing gameplay, authentic characters and deep storylines."

    Developed by Banpresto, Dragon Ball Z®: Supersonic Warriors’ combines traditional 2-D fighting with free-flight, aerial combat and allows players to assume the roles of 15 characters from the TV series including Goku®, Vegeta®, Cell®, Frieza® and Buu®. Players can engage in massive tag team battles and experience the DBZ® saga in an all-new way -- complete with alternate endings to famous DBZ® storylines. With intense brawls, thrilling flight mode and unforgettable characters, Supersonic Warriors offers fans a chance to take the challenging action of DBZ® everywhere they go.

    Rated 'T' for Teen, Dragon Ball Z®: Supersonic Warriors’ is available for Game Boy® Advance at a suggested retail price of $29.99.

    For more information on Dragon Ball Z®, visit

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    Contributed by Xoleras (66841) on Jul 25, 2005.
    More Kamehameha than most enemies can handle.

    Goku, the most powerful warrior on Earth, he has the power to change history and struts his Super Saiyan power in Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors.

    Packed with nonstop fighting, Supersonic Warriors offers a Story mode and four different Battle modes. The Story mode takes Goku through the Namek, Android and Majin Buu Sagas from the TV series. However, the game gives you alternate endings to these stories, giving Goku a chance to rewrite the history books. You start with the Namek Saga and can unlock the others in the Shop menu.


    • Fight as one of 15 characters
    • Uncover alternate endings to DBZ storylines
    • Two players can battle via a Game Boy Advance Game Link Cable
    • Unlock characters and difficulty level through a Shop option

    When you accomplish a goal, such as completing the Namek Saga, you get points to spend in the shop. With these points, you unlock the other two storylines and different Dragon Ball Z characters. In the shop, you can also unlock higher difficulty levels and a Dragon Ball Z museum.

    You also earn shop points by defeating all opponents in Z Battle mode. Choose either one-on-one battling or battle as a team of three. When you battle in teams, you choose your three fighters and can switch one out at any time during the battle by pressing the L Button. You win the battle when you defeat all members on the other team. Challenge mode puts you shorthanded by giving you a team of only two players to fight against a team of three. Finally, Free Battle mode lets you select both the team you'll be fighting with and members of the opposing team. Want to share the Supersonic Warriors experience with a friend? Two players can link up and battle in Link Vs. mode and fight in the way of the Saiyan.

    In addition to the story and battle modes, Supersonic Warriors comes equipped with an extensive tutorial to help you learn how to fight like a Super Saiyan and unleash the powerful Kamehameha energy attack. The fighting sequences in the game are well done. Because the characters can levitate, long-range attacks become harder to perform, especially against the quicker enemies. Don't forsake hand-to-hand combat for long-range attacks. A steady mix of both will make you a Dragon Ball Z master.

    Bottom Line

    The expansion of the Saga storylines is a nice touch, but fighting is the focus of this latest Dragon Ball Z offering.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66841) on Dec 27, 2004.