Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Title screen
Main Menu
Character select
Goku's story mode
No 18 fighting Vegeta.
Goku turning into Super Saiyan.
Picolo using his Super Beam to defeat Dr. Gero.
Goku spinning Frieza.
No 18
Eat this.
Vegeta fighting Buu.
Frieza in his story mode
Gohan fighting Cell.
Goku fighting Majin Vegeta.
Gohan ready to unleash a Kamehame wave.
Gohan's Kamehame vs Cell's one.
VS screen
An easy fight for Gotenks
Despite not being that strong Krillin has some pretty good moves.
Ginyu vs Goku
Trunks fighting the Android No 18.
Ginyu holding Krillin.
I bet it won't miss.
Krillin hitting Buu with a special move.
Gotenks and Frieza
Trunks fighting Dr. Gero.
Enemy select on challenge mode
At the end Mr. Satan gives you points to unlock content.