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Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu (Game Boy Advance)

Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu Game Boy Advance Title screen.


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Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu Credits

Webfoot Technologies

ProducerDana M. Dominiak
ArtDana M. Dominiak
DesignDana M. Dominiak, Gerry Swanson, Paul Carmody, Andrew Myers, Jim Grant
Game Programming DesignPatrick Alphonso
ToolsPatrick Alphonso
Additional ProgrammingCliff Davies
Level ArtGerry Swanson
Special Effects ArtGerry Swanson
TextGerry Swanson
Character ModelsGerry Swanson, Kostandin Igor Ruiz, Andrew Myers, Jim Grant
Character SpritesKostandin Igor Ruiz
AnimationAndrew Myers, Shadows in Darkness Inc.
Sound EffectsPaul Carmody, Yannis Brown
Special Effects Art and AnimationMandi Paugh
Additional ArtGreg Davis, Victoria Martin, Tarin Kim
MusicYannis Brown
Animation DirectorDevon Brown
Lead AnimatorNick Schreiber
AnimatorsRick Daniels, Karen Sanok, Gavin McNeal, Allen Borza
Director Software EngineeringPascal Pochol
Project SupportPascal Pochol
General Counsel & CooDebra Osborn
Project ManagerDebra Osborn


Director of Product DevelopmentPeter Armstrong
Senior PoducerMichael Cucchiarella
Associate ProducersSteven Charbonneau, Amy Jord├ín, Chris Lundeen
Senior Brand ManagerMatt Collins
Director of MarketingLaura Campos
Director of Creative ServicesSteve Martin
Director of Editorial & Documentation ServicesElizabeth Mackney
Art DirectorKristine Meier
Graphic DesignerMorgan Tomaiolo
Documentation Spec.Christopher Dawley, Randi Kravitz
CopywriterPaul Collin
Director of Publishing SupportMichael H. Gilmartin
I.T. Manager/Western RegionKen Ford
Manager of Technical SupportMichael Vetsch
QA Testing SupervisorDavid Strang
Lead TestersDan Burkhead, Jason W. Anderson
TestersDavid Dennan, John Seefurth, Jon Hokaday, Jason Cordero, Jason Kausch, Jason Pope

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