Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku Credits

Webfoot Technologies, Inc.

Project LeaderDana M. Dominiak
ProducerDana M. Dominiak
ProgrammingJeffrey Lim, Pascal Pochol
Additional ProgrammingFrank Rinaldo
ArtGerry Swanson, Andrew Myers, Mandi Paugh, Dana M. Dominiak, Murray Kraft, Robert J. Dominiak
Technical DesignJeffrey Lim, Frank Rinaldo, Pascal Pochol, Dana M. Dominiak
ToolsPascal Pochol, Jeffrey Lim, Thierry Schembri
Legal and AdminDebra Osborn
Level DesignAriel Gross, Murray Kraft, Gerry Swanson, Andrew Myers, Israel Smith
SoundAriel Gross
MusicAriel Gross
Lead Concept DesignIsrael Smith
Health CareKaren Bry
Thanks toSHUEISHA Inc., Toei Animation, Brian Smolik, Sue Bogo, Aaron Jay Issacman


Original AuthorAkira Toriyama

FUNimation Productions Ltd.

PresidentGen Fukunaga
Vice PresidentDaniel Cocanougher, Cindy Brennan Fukunaga
Director of LicensingBob Brennan
Licensing Account MgrTamara Stephens

Infogrames Inc.

ProducerMichael Gjere
Sr. Vice President of ProductionPaul Rinde
Senior Vice President of SalesWim Stocks
Director of ProductionPeter Armstrong
AcquisitionsRoger F. A. Arias
Game TesterSteven Charbonneau, David Degnan, Peter Eckert, Stephen Ellis, Brian Ewoldt, Michael Hathaway, Jay Carling King IV
Q.A. Certification Lead - Beverly, Mass.Kevin Jamieson
Vice President of MarketingTracy Magnuson
Lead ProducerMichael Cucchiarella
Associate ProducerChris Lundeen, Amy Harbin
Senior Marketing ManagerJeffrey Sehring, Cindy Swanson
Senior Print Production ManagerCherrie Julkowski
Creative DirectorKeith M. Anderson
Senior Graphic DesignerChristopher J. Odegard
TesterErik Maramaldi, Seth Doherty
Q.A. TeamRichard Higbee, Mark Brand, Adrian Morales, Jose Renteria, Andrew LeMat, Dan Burkhead, Fitz 
Q.A. Certification Lead - Sunnyvale, Calif.Eric Albertson
Assistant LeadTien Nguyen

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