Written by  :  John Rosbach (11)
Written on  :  Jul 06, 2004
Rating  :  1.25 Stars1.25 Stars1.25 Stars1.25 Stars1.25 Stars

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Just One Word:No

The Good

It is hard to find anything good about the game. However, after thinking about it, it DID sound cool following the DBZ story line and DID sound cool being Goku. I guess the one thing good about it is it showing some clips from the show.

The Bad

This is also hard because there is so much about it the totally SUCKS. Lets start trying to get everything down. 1) The combat system really, really, REALLY sucks. All you do is throw a punch and do some stupid kai attacks. You don't even get to fight in the air. The game is really simple because of the kai attacks. Just stand back, charge up, and the shoot. 2)No AI:The enemy does nothing to try to fight you. All they do is running about and do something random towards you. You don't even have to try if you want to beat them. 3)Lousy Sound:It is the same sound over and over and over........... 4)Short:I can beat the game in one sitting. In my opinion, if you give the option of saving then you shouldn't be able to start a new game after breakfast and be done by lunch. 5)Game to Show sucks:It follows the basic story line short of, but thats it. You don't get into any good talk out of the NPCS. 6)Expensive:$39 for this rubbish that appears as if they only had 20 people working on it...wait...I think they do 7)Once played, you want to burn:Lets put it like this, it is games like this one that promotes violence.....violence in wanting your money back and destroying it. After I was finish with the game I just wanted to go rampaging because it sucked so bad(and I wasted money on it)

The Bottom Line

This game sucks. It bites. It is the worst piece of trash to of come into my house. Do not buy it. Boycott it. Do something to get it of the racks. Do not buy this game at all unless you intend on destroying it.