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Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.2
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.1
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.6
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.8
Overall User Score (11 votes) 4.0

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Pixel-Heroes.de (Jul, 2010)
Fazit: Drill Dozer kann sich wirklich zu den besten GBA-Spielen zählen. Auch Retro V hat vor einer Weile einen sehr positiven Artikel über dieses Spiel veröffentlicht. Da hatte ich es aber schon längst durchgespielt und meine Meinung stimmte mit der des Autors überein. Für mich persönlich gehört es sicherlich zu den besten Jump´n´run´s. Deshalb vergebe ich dieser zu Unrecht nicht beachteten Perle neun von zehn möglichen Punkten.
NintendoWorldReport (Nov 07, 2005)
Screw Breaker, simply put, is a fantastic game. It's the kind of creativity that can only escape from Japan, and yet with such a quirky design, it's surprisingly easy to pick up and play. The rumble cart is not overused, and enhances the experience. If you can't wait for the English release -- and that's perfectly understandable -- then pick it up from our partners at Lik-Sang. The Japanese version comes with a bonus mini-comic that tells the game's opening story!
NintendoWorldReport (Feb 08, 2006)
In the end, I am really surprised that Game Freak had it in them to make a fantastic game that is completely original and free from Thundershocks and Quick Attacks. This is, hands-down, one of the best games on the GBA, and since not many titles of interest have been released on the platform lately, you'd do well to pick up a copy.
Couple all of its positives aspects with a classic soundtrack that sounds like it was ripped from one of many early Mega Man games, and Drill Dozer earns what will undoubtedly be cult classic status. This is a dying breed of video game, and the only reason you need to justify keeping your Game Boy Advance. This is a system selling title.
So yeah, Drill Dozer. I've come to the conclusion that I'm not that good at making conclusions. So, um, yeah, Drill Dozer. Good game, decent enough graphics, nice rumble feature, cool gameplay mechanics and unique ideas and everything. The game is good and has many levels and enemies and bosses and things to collect and all kinds of great stuff. The fact that it is one of the few good GBA's games out at the moment, I would suggest getting it. It is a pretty solid game.
Video Game Generation (Feb 18, 2006)
For all the faults I've listed above, Drill Dozer really does have the potential to draw in and entertain a wide variety of people. For once we are seeing one of those greatly unique games (without being too oddball, that is) that Japan usually gets all to themselves. It's a nice change and, for someone such as myself, it's great to see that the people behind POKéMON do still have some creativity tucked away somewhere. The technical feel of the HUD, the smooth controls and even the built-in rumble (though it makes your SP/Micro/DS somewhat unwieldy) have the power to really immerse the player into the game. Drill Dozer looks great, has a decent story and the level design is something that all games should really aspire to. It may be short, to be sure, and perhaps even too linear for some, but if quality, not quantity is your mantra, has Nintendo got the game for you!
Deeko (Feb 10, 2006)
Game Freak should continue creating games like this, while at the same time creating Pokemon titles. It's clear to me after beating the game twice now, that there is a certain magic here, a certain charm or allure that makes the game beyond appealing. It may be the lack of good 2D side-scrolling platformers, but this is still one of the best ones I've had the chance to play in recent years. Though I believe Treasures Astro Boy to be the king of the hill for the GBA, Drill Dozer comes in a close second. Fantastic graphics, inventive and creative gameplay, a humerous story — seriously, the game is fantastic. The rumble might be weak and the soundtrack somewhat lame, but in the end, Drill Dozer is a must have game for any GBA owner.
1UP (Feb 08, 2006)
The GBA is well into its twilight days, and the kind of gamers who crave original content have mostly moved on to the greener pastures of PSP or DS. But Drill Dozer is every bit as good as any current-gen portable title you care to name and succinctly encapsulates why the 2D platformer was so popular to begin with. Fans of quality gaming owe it to themselves to take Game Freak's latest for a spin. (Unavoidable pun most assuredly not intended.)
Games Master (Mar, 2007)
The result is a wonderfully designed and splendidly individual game. It has its faults - extra gears are lost between levels, meaning you always have to root them out in a new level - but for entertaining platforming with a style all of its own, this is hard to beat.
Gaming Age (Feb 17, 2006)
I really enjoyed Drill Dozer. The game isn't overly difficult, but it's not a cakewalk either. Some of the jumping and platforming can be a bit tedious, but exploring the levels was my favorite part. Some of the areas are quite big and discovering secret areas and finding treasures was a very rewarding part of the adventure. It's refreshing to see a brand new 2D game of this caliber being released at a time where 3D graphics rein supreme. If you're itching for and old school game with some new play mechanics, I highly suggest giving Drill Dozer a spin.
Portable Review (Feb 16, 2007)
Overall, Drill Dozer is a paradox: a typical quirky and unique game. But that doesn’t take away from it, I’ve always felt strongly that a good game is a good game whether it feels new or not. If you want a fun and memorable adventure for GBA, Drill Dozer is a very good choice. The set up may seem kind of clichéd, but the meat of the game is creative and enjoyable. Go ahead and see just how many things drilling can turn into.
GameSpot (Jan 27, 2006)
Drill Dozer does a great job of showing you the basics of how the drill dozer works and then slowly ramping up its difficulty with progressively more complicated levels and enemies. It's not the longest game, but if you intend to find all the hidden treasures in the levels, there's plenty of gameplay to be had. With presentation that matches the quality of the overall product, Drill Dozer should definitely not be missed by fans of classic side-scrolling action games.
Drill Dozer makes a great addition to any Game Boy Advance library. The only flaw I can fathom, other than the slightly short length of the game, would be the drill sound effect. It works, and it works well, but it is done so much that it is closer to annoying than realistic after some time. Drill Dozer’s simple mechanics are accessible to anyone. Don’t be turned away by the cute graphics or box art–it’s a fun game that uses a single concept very well, well enough to be done repeatedly for twelve levels and more. To me, that’s impressive. Most games that ask you to do the same thing over and over for more than a few minutes get pretty dull, but this drill is always sharp.
GameSpy (Feb 07, 2006)
Like I said, that's a pretty minor gripe. As it is, Drill Dozer is one of the better platform games that I've played in some time. You may get though it without a ton of effort, but you'll have a heck of a time doing it. Everything about it from the level design to the tight control to the catchy music to the cute and often humorous sprite artwork comes together extremely well. Plus, when you consider that there are fewer and fewer GBA titles on the horizon, there's even more of a reason to give Dozer a spin. Hey, give me a break -- I got though the rest of the review without and lame, drill-related puns. And believe me, I had the fight off a Total Recall-esque "screw you" more than once.
Eurogamer.net (UK) (Apr 19, 2006)
And on every level there's some new challenge, like advanced drill-bits that change your method of movement (trying not to spoil it here), or a clever idea, like gradually drawing back a sequence of curtains to reveal enemy groups rather than just dropping them into your path like everyone else does. It's possible you'll tire of Drill Dozer's slightly repetitive drill cycle, and there's less room for exploration and investigation than you'll find in something like Super Mario World, but given it's 15 years and about 48 million 2D platform games later, it's nice to find a developer who can still offer a fresh line of questioning - and a nice suit to wear while doing it.
GamersMark (Aug 26, 2006)
At its heart, Drill Dozer follows most classic platforming guidelines. Players traverse stages by leaping from place to place while avoiding obstacles and defeating enemies. However, the game isn’t just jumping from ledge to ledge over bottomless pits. Drill Dozer’s gameplay hook comes in the form of drilling. Pressing and holding R or L will spin the Drill Dozer’s large drill out in front of it. Dispersed throughout each level is a set of three gears — finding these gears will increase the strength of the drill and the amount of time it spins.
IGN (Feb 03, 2006)
As a total package, Drill Dozer will offer most gamers an experience long overdue on the Game Boy Advance. The gameplay is like nothing before it, and the graphical and audio design help to create a world different from any other game on the system. While the mechanic was used to its fullest, providing tons of memorable moments of drilling, players may start to get tired of the constant, repetitive control. Be prepared to drill…a lot. To those who accept it as their own, however, Drill Dozer comes as a truly inspired adventure for the GBA.
Despite the relatively cutesy look of the game, there's a lot of variety to the action as you use your multipurpose drill to bounce, jump, hand, and demolish your foes. The hyper frantic soundtrack that sounds like it was written by drug-induced chipmunks I could do without, but the rest of the package is solid fun.
JeuxActu (May 22, 2006)
C’est bien simple, si Drill Dozer était sorti au début des années 90, il serait aujourd’hui un titre culte dans nos mémoires. Face à un titre qui allie le plaisir du old-school à un concept ingénieux, et dont le dosage entre adresse et action est idéal, sans puzzles lourdingues, on se dit que l’on aimerait voir Game Freak sortir plus souvent des Pokémon ! Pour l’heure le bruit strident de la perceuse de Jill continue de me vriller les tympans, mais bon sang ce que c’est bon !
Game Shark (Feb 21, 2006)
While it has some nice features, no one is going to mistake Drill Dozer for an all-time great game on the GBA handheld. At a time when so few GBA games are getting released, it does shine above its contemporaries, but it is after all just another really solid platformer for a handheld that has several competent entries in that genre. That earns it an equally solid "B" score.
UOL Jogos (Jan 23, 2006)
"Drill Dozer" é fruto da experiência da Game Freaks no segmento de plataforma e uma tentativa em trazer novos elementos para o subgênero. A idéia da broca é interessante, mas por si só insuficiente para garantir um "algo mais" para o game, que apenas faz tudo que manda a cartilha, mas, mesmo assim, os poucos elementos de desenvolvimento do personagem fazem com que a monotonia não demore a aparecer.