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    Duel Masters - Sempaï Legends sur Game Boy Advance vous propose de partir dans une quête extraordinaire à la découverte de l'univers parallèle des Duel Masters.

    Jusqu'où irez vous pour accéder au titre de Maître Sempaï?


    • Contient l'intégralité des cartes Duel Masters disponibles à ce jour en France
    • Partez pour une véritable aventure et pas seulement dans des combats de créatures : recherchez de votre père mystérieusement disparu et les cartes secrètes, pour progressez dans la hiérarchie des " initiés " à l'univers parallèle de Duel Masters.Un rendu graphique magnifique : environnements en 3D isométrique, grande richesse d'animation pour les combats des créatures
    • Défiez vos copains dans des duels sans pitié ou échangez des cartes rares avec eux, grâce au mode 2 joueurs utilisant le câble Link.
    • Mode tutorial complet et ludique pour maîtriser toutes les techniques et subtilités des combats de Duel Masters.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66829) on Sep 23, 2005.
    Recover a super-powerful card stolen from you by a mysterious stranger! Build the ultimate fighting deck to summon powerful creatures, cast unbeatable spells and unleash devastating attacks to blast through your opponent’s shields. Enter tournaments, earn cards and build your reputation. Practice and play in the unlockable Duel Room with all 180 cards from the Duel Masters’ base set and the Evo-Crushinators of Doom expansion set! Play head-to-head and trade cards with a Game Boy Advance Game Link® cable. Never give up, trust yourself and if you play hard, you can’t lose!

    Contributed by Jeanne (76520) on Feb 15, 2005.
    Do the duel.

    It was supposed to be a happy birthday for young Tom. All his friends and parents gave him Duel Masters cards for his birthday. But late at night, a burglar broke into the house and stole a super-powerful card from Tom. Now Tom must duel the countryside over to get back his card, and ultimately his happiness, in Duel Masters: Sempai Legends.


    • Includes all 180 cards
    • Enter tournaments to build reputation and card inventory
    • Trade cards with or duel against a friend with a Game Boy Advance Game Link Cable and second Game Pak

    Duel Masters fans are in for a heaping helping of card battling. It's basically nonstop, which is a good thing. On your journey to recover your stolen cards, you come across several people who want to duel with you in the different villages you explore. If you lose, the only thing hurt is your pride. However, winning a duel nets you both a booster pack of Duel Masters cards and experience points. When you bring up the Status menu, you can see what your reputation is, how many experience points you have and how many cards you have at your disposal.

    Building a deck is easy through the Deck Management menu. You only have one deck at your disposal, but swapping out cards and keeping track of which cards you have collected is a snap. At various trade centers, you can pick up a card the trader has in exchange for some of your extra cards. In addition to "trade," the trade centers also have a "special" option. When you select this option, you'll see several powerful cards available. You can't trade for these cards. Instead, you have to duel someone for them. When you duel for the special cards, you have to put three of your own cards up for ante. And if you lose, say goodbye to those cards. If you have a good deck and possess the skills of a master, then this is the quickest way for you to snag rare cards.

    Where the game succeeds in making dueling the first priority, it is less successful translating the play of the card game from the real-life table to the small screen. The dueling interface has a steep learning curve, and although detailed instructions are available throughout the game, it takes a long time to get a handle on the order of play. The Duel Masters card game is an easy one to learn to play, but in the video game, the attack phase of the game gets convoluted. When a creature attacks, it gets tapped. Opposing creatures can, on their master's turn, attack the tapped creature. But the only indication that a creature is tapped is that its power number is turned from white to gray. That's tough to see on the Game Boy Advance screen.

    Bottom Line

    The Duel Masters card game is fun to play, and hopefully the interface for the next edition of the Game Boy Advance version gets a facelift.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66829) on Dec 27, 2004.