Duel Masters Sempai Legends Credits

Mistic Software Inc.

Lead ProgrammerChristophe Desplanches
ProgrammersAlain Petit, Martin Vachon, Johann Gagnon
Tool ProgrammerChristophe Desplanches
Trainee ProgrammerAlain Boulianne, Jean Daniel Rondeau
Lead Graphic ArtistFrancis Malvesin
Graphics ArtistsMartin Tremblay, Richard Sirois
Lead DesignerVannara Ty
DesignerDaniel Beaudin
MusicAllister Brimble, Anthony N. Putson
SFXAllister Brimble, Anthony N. Putson
Studio ManagerFrédéric Bibet
ProducerFrédéric Bibet
President of MisticChristophe Comparin
Special ThanksFlavien Bau, Jacques Sarremejeanne

C4 Digital

Graphic Artist BackgroundsPaul Mitchell
Graphic Artist SpritesPaul Mitchell, Jeremy Kupsch, Raymond Leung, Edmond Leung, Peter Cartwright, Caleb Salisbury, Greg Mocarski, Peter Aponte, Nikitova Games


ProducersJames Daly, Stacy Allyn Hendrickson
Director of MarketingPeter Matiss
Executive ProducerJim Boone
Director of TechnologyPaul Hellier
Director of Creative ServicesSteve Martin
Director of Editorial & Documentation ServicesElizabeth Mackney
Art DirectorCharles Rizzo
Graphic DesignerPaul Anselmi
Documentation SpecialistKurt Carlson
CopywriterPaul Collin
Director of Publishing SupportMichael H. Gilmartin
I.T. Manager/Western RegionKen Ford
Manager of Technical SupportMichael Vetsch
Q.A. ManagerBill Carroll
Q.A. Testing SupervisorEzequiel Nunez
Lead TesterJoseph Edwards
Assistant Lead TesterAnthony Ma
TestersJason W. Anderson, Albino Flores, Kevin Jameel Hogan, Chad Neel, Nessie Rilveria, Alex Trinidad
Sr. Manager of Engineering Services & CompatibilityLuis Rivas
Engineering Services SpecialistKen Edwards
Engineering Services TechnicianEugene Lai
Sr. Manager Strategic RelationsCecilia Munoz, Joy Schneer
Strategic Relations SpecialistShaila Patel
Special ThanksPatti Roakes, James Szubski, Mark Chase, Charlie Catino, Yuki Fujii, Rob MacGregor, Valerie Walls, Jennifer Baum

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Stacy Allyn Hendrickson, 52 other games
Anthony N. Putson, 49 other games
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Credits for this game were contributed by Frederic Bibet (311) and formercontrib (159527)