F-14 Tomcat Credits (Game Boy Advance)

F-14 Tomcat Game Boy Advance ...so that it comes back to the center of the screen BY MAGIC (videogame intro magic, that is). Also, unlike Turn and Burn, the title screen shows both the game's logo and the titular airplane (which


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F-14 Tomcat Credits

Majesco, Inc.

Majesco Creative DirectorJoseph Sutton
Director of DevelopmentDavid Elmekies
Executive ProducerDaniel James Kitchen
ProgrammingNeil Harding
ProducerPhil Mikkelson
Art DirectorFrank Lam
GraphicsFrank Lam, Tavio Castrillo
Level DesignPhil Mikkelson
Marketing DirectorMark S. Rudolph
ManualDaniel James Kitchen, Corry Fitchpatric
QA ManagerRai Iodice
MusicManfred Linzner
Sound EffectsManfred Linzner
TestingWayne Mascola, Eric Jezercak, Kevin Kurdes, Russ Mock, Luis Antonio Torres, Peter Daniel Lipman
Special ThanksMorris Sutton, Jesse Sutton, Joseph Sutton

Virtucraft Limited

ProgrammingNeil Harding, Dominic Collins
Additional ProgrammingTony Stockton
GraphicsLee Cawley, Neil Harding
Produced byKevin Norburn

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (208445)