Written by  :  AG Wolf (276)
Written on  :  Jan 05, 2004
Platform  :  Game Boy Advance

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Great addition to the series, definitely worth buying.

The Good

This game is everything the original was, and then some. It uses the same Mode 7 scrolling graphics that made its SNES Prequel a hit, only this time it has two layers; one for the track, and one for the city layout beneath the track. It also has multiple layers of scrolling background; all for an even greater 3D look as you race around the tracks. Its difficulty level is infinitely higher than the original version. Aside from requiring a more intuitive approach to each course, F0:MV implements a new handling style with the addition of a ship's balance. No longer can you simply sail around a turn with, say, the Fire Stingray like in the first game, in MV you need to master the art of what the game calls "Blast Turning". To take a turn while maintaining balance (which means your ship doesn't slide right out of the turn), you have to repeatedly press the accel button as you turn. This is a technique which creates a deeper, more complicated learning curve...but ultimately succeeds in providing a more fulfilling challenge. The story is as non existent as in the first game, but this time we didn't get a fun corny comic in the game's manual :P Unfortunately though, we also weren't graced with the same selection of ships...instead, we're greeted with a new team of drivers and vehicles. While there are a handful of unlockable ships, which provide for a greater replay value, it seems as though neither the new drivers or their ships have the same appeal as Falcon, Dr. Stewart, Pico, and Samurai Goroh had. The music is good, or at least fitting for the series itself. It may not compare to the score you would hear in a Playstation game or something, but come on...this is GameBoy, you can't expect fully orchestrated tunes here :P Fans of oldschool game music will rejoice when they hear the course themes echo from their GBA's speaker (or stereo if you have the GameBoy Player with your GameCube), each song sets the mood for its level it is played in. The only unfortunate aspect the game is missing is a sound test :( All in all, the game is good. It will provide many hours of gameplay; practicing, getting use to it, getting good, then getting your butt whooped once you reach the final difficulties. Keep on going, the satisfaction of beating a game this challenging makes it all worthwhile.

The Bad

Not much actually...there wasn't a sound test. That made me sad. But no, really, there wasn't much I didn't like in the game. The original F-Zero was ground breaking, where-as this version may seem old-hat to some people...but what a game looks like really shouldn't be the sole aspect of a person's final decision.

The Bottom Line

F-Zero: Maximum Velocity is a good buy, if you want a challenging and fun racer, then this is definitely worth a shot. As long as you don't pick up this racer with a chip on your shoulder's, comparing it to other GBA releases of totally different genres; you're sure to enjoy it. :)