Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Beautiful graphic (FF1)
Main Screen
Small quiet town (FF1)
World map (FF1)
Fighting (FF1)
More fighting (FF1)
Even more fighting (it's rpg after all ;-) (FF1)
Stats (FF1)
Equipment (FF1)
FF2 Title screen
World map (FF2)
Another town (FF2)
In the building (FF2)
Talking heads (FF2)
Finally(!) - fighting (FF2)
That's right - more fighting (FF2)
Stats (FF2)
More stats (FF2)
Time to rest (FF1)
Wolves (FF1)
Black widows (FF1)
Zombies (FF1)
Mixed enemies (FF1)
Garland (FF1)
Bring back daughter to king (FF1)
Desert fight (FF1)
Magic broomstick (FF1)
Poor witch (FF1)
Cobras (FF1)
Lizard (FF1)
Scorpions (FF1)
Let's check the bestiary
Baptize the warriors of light
The Prologue for FF I
The 4 Crystals
The Goblin Squadron
The Peaceful Town of Cornelia
Yes my King!
Nap time
Hey! They weren't there in the original FF I!!
The FF I Church
Am I crazy? No, but that horse sure is!
Let's snooze in that comfy sleeping bag