Final Fight Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Title screen.
Modify some game settings in the options screen.
These 3 fighters already had made the joy of many generations...
Defeat many enemies with an only punch: this is the Final Fight essence!
Jumping in barrels is the only way of appreciate Metro City's beauty.
Use the special move to hit many enemies at the same time.
There are dialogues before the boss battle in GBA version. Very cool!
This fool needs a lesson now. Defeat him!
You must defeat the bad guys, not talk with them!
To say the truth, not even strongest of the fighters support some heavy moves...
Sodom is the 2nd boss of the game. Look out: these 2 swords are murderous!
Destroy the other people's car and earn many points!
Two Andores are better than one. More fools, more action!
Continue screen.
Fighting against some Andores in a improvised ring.