Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Introducing the main characters
Title screen
Prologue - introducing the six kingdoms
Lots story sequences keep you informed about the different characters and story branches.
A small battle
Battle animation
You can always access a guide that explains FE's gameplay
During battles, you can visit houses and maybe get some useful hints
Since swords are strong against axes, the knight has an advantage in this battle
On the world map, you can visit armories or maybe even discover a side-quest
In this battle you have to break through the walls and lock-pick the doors to get to the enemy
Viewing a character
A Priest healing a Pegasus Knight
Sometimes certain characters can talk to each other on the battlefield to increase their support-level
General Seth
Creature remniscent of Lord of the Rings
Level up
Lance vs. sword
Missed attack
Small village is attacking
Heal magic
Hunt with bow
Zombie-like monster
Monsters has several types
Joshua has a great abilities... but lance in torso is a problem
Fight in castle
Boss is defeated
Chapter 9
Enemies talk
Pick up units
Fight on castle's stairs
My knight has bad weapon