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    Garfield has lost his Pooky bear and it's your job to help find Pooky by controlling Garfield in his search. The search for Pooky will take Garfield through his most known locales, he will meet the other characters (like Jon, Odie, Arlene, etc.), and of course encounter typical Garfield elements like spiders, food, mice, dogs, etc. During his search Garfield will inevitably eat food and lots of it, of course. In the game, food will also represent energy. The more food Garfield eats, the more energy he has to do extraordinary moves. A level plays like a sideway-scrolling platform game, though some levels also scroll up and down to span a larger vertical area. Garfield moves from one side of the screen towards the other and must pick up food and other goodies on the way. At the same time all sorts of obstacles will have to be avoided, such as web spinning spiders, happy Odie rushing towards Garfield, bad food, annoying kids, angry pit-bulls, and more.

    • Six unique locations from Garfield's well-known universe
    • Two levels of difficulty, with most unraveling, hidden, bonus mini-games
    • 12 levels wrap you up in an enticing story each with unique game play (watch out for the hidden level)
    • Each level differs and enables the young game to play as a sideway-scrolling platform game or as the traditional up-and-down scrolling option to view a larger vertical area
    • The game retains the true graphic style of the Garfield cartoons
    • Fall over laughing at Garfield's antics with the story and dialog written with the humor that we have come to love with the Garfield cartoons
    • Attractive and intuitive user interface
    • Estimated 3 to 15 hours of game play (depending on skill and difficulty)

    Contributed by Jeanne (76526) on Aug 16, 2008.