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Grand Theft Auto Advance (Game Boy Advance)

ESRB Rating
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Grand Theft Auto Advance Credits

Digital Eclipse

ProgrammingCathryn Mataga
Art DirectorBoyd Burggrabe
Lead ArtistDaniel Shallock
ArtistsKevin James, Arvin Bautista, Keith Erickson, Ronnie Fike, Conrad Seto
Audio DirectorRobert Baffy
Written ByJames Stanley
ProducerJames Stanley, William Schmitt
Senior ProducersWilliam Baffy, Andrew Ayre, Jeff Vavasour
Creative DirectorMichael Mika Sr.
Production ManagerChris Charla
Special ThanksJoe Cain, Granted D. Savage
Original Content ByRockstar North

Rockstar NYC

Executive ProducerSam Houser
President of Rockstar NorthLeslie Benzies
VP CreativeDan Houser
Art DirectorAlex Horton
VP Of DevelopmentJamie King
ProducerRich Rosado
Associate ProducerOswald Greene Jr.
Lead AnalystGene Overton
Chief Technology OfficerGary J. Foreman
Director Of Quality AssuranceJeff Rosa
Technical ManagerSandeep Bisla
Rockstar Test TeamWilliam Rompf, Chris Choi, Christopher Plummer, Scott Peterman, Richard Huìe, Devin Smither, Sean Flaherty
Research And AnalysisJoseph Howell
Production TeamTerry Donovan, Jennifer Kolbe, Jeff Castaneda, Jenefer Gross, Jay Fitzloff, Adam Tedman, Stanton A. Sarjeant, Hosi Simon, Daniel Einzig, Stephen Bliss, Tony King, Brian Noto, Futaba Hayashi, John Schuhmann, George Alasania, Richard Kruger, Jordan Chew, Devin Bennett, Christopher Carro, Rob Fleischer, Ryan Rayhill, Susan Cummings

Rockstar Lincoln Test Team

QA ManagerMark Lloyd
Lead TesterJonathan Stones
TestersJon Atkin-Day, Kit Brown, Nathan Buchanan, Alain Dellepiane, Dominic Garcia, Edward Gibson, Joby Luckett, Matthew Lunnon, Stephen McGagh, Sergio Russo

Rockstar London

Localisation ManagerChris Madgwick
Localisation CoordinatorMaike Köhler
QA TesterGraham Ainsley
Assistant ProducerDaimion Pinnock

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