Written by  :  leon101 (64)
Written on  :  Jan 22, 2005
Rating  :  4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars

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The Good

yes you heard me it is the best portable GTA game to date, it combines the old skool action with the new skool, and in a great way, the way your health, armor, money,time, and weapons in the corner of the screen look like GTA 3 is fantastic, it is good looking and easy to keep up with, it even has the six star warnings for all to see, also the gameplay is just like gta 3's which of course is good, you have a bat, and like in vice city a katana even, plus lots of cool guns, uzis, ak47s, rocket lauchers, pistal, which is actually two pistals, and even you fist can kill this time, also the cars can tip and roll over, this is a fun thing to mess around with, you can even do a small jump out of your car, so you don't blow up, neat edition, there are 100 pakages to find also, plus taxi, firefighter, vigilante, and paramedic are evolved in here, just jump in one, press L and R at the same time and your off to some side money, like the new GTAs also, you see some non-moving cut-scenes, that add breifing to your mission you are doing and advance the story, there are also races to compete in for big money also, and like 300 missions all together to do, plus you can save and take a break from the missions and just buy lots of guns with your money at ammu-nation, which makes an apperance as well, and then just go on a rampage kill, blowing up stuff, and collecting other guns ammo and money in the process, while avoiding the fuzz, speaking of rampages, those are still in here, overall you have alot of fun crap to do, this game would make car trips go by like in 5 mins. also you can put the camera on zooming, low, medium, or high view, nice. also you make blood foothprints when you walk or run in someones blood that actually pours out of them.

The Bad

Ok, there are a few things (and i mean few) that i didn't like about this game they are no cranes to get money from cars, the story while decent is not as good as the others, nor funny, at times either, you can't beat someone when there already dead like you could in GTA 3, but that's a minor thing... still it was fun and funny, well that's all i hated small list huh, but that's a good thing.

The Bottom Line

GTA 3 in top-down view, minus the crane, and minus the ability to beat dead bodies.

I recommend you add this great game (if you like GTA) to your GBA collection as I did.