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    For the very first time, handheld gamers can take on the role of the world's toughest human fighting machine in Marvel's The Invincible Iron Man for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance. As the crime fighting Super Hero, players experience the amazing powers of Marvel Comics' Iron Man as they track down and recover his stolen battlesuit from archenemies Blizzard and Crimson Dynamo.

    Severely injured by a brutal act of industrial espionage, businessman/inventor Anthony Stark crafted a high-tech suit to sustain his fragile body. But with his latest invention in outlaw hands, Stark must now don an alternate suit and battle legions of bad guys before they can use it for true evil.

    Stark must work his way through four sprawling environments: docks, the dark forests surrounding a secret military base, the snowbound cliffs shielding his enemies' fortress; and finally, the Crimson Dynamo's high-tech fortress.

    Stark's alternate suit is a pretty potent piece of hardware, equipped as it is with a uni-beam, boot jets and repulsor beam. Power-ups include invulnerability, suit energy, health, extra lives and special weapons. In the unlockable Iron Mode, you can play the entire game with all of Stark's enhanced abilities. You can also unlock a gallery full of Iron Man comics. Cool!

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65878) on Sep 18, 2007.