Jazz Jackrabbit Credits (Game Boy Advance)

Jazz Jackrabbit Game Boy Advance Title screen.


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Jazz Jackrabbit Credits

Jaleco Entertainment

PresidentRichard P. Wnuk
Studio DirectorPaul Meegan
ProducerJeff Litchford
Quality Assurance DirectorRobb Flynn
Quality Assurance LeadJason Roberts
Quality Assurance TestersSam Jacir, Larry Eggleston Jr.

Epic Games

Project DirectorJay Wilbur
Design DirectionCliff Bleszinski
Game developed byGame Titan LLC
Music and SFX composed for Game Titan byShin'en
Audio Engine: GAX v3.0 byShin'en

Shin'en Multimedia

GAX Sound Engine 3.01 (Sep 13 2002)© Shin'en Multimedia, Bernhard Wodok (Code by)
MusicMartin Schioeler

Game Titan Developers

Studio DirectorEric Kinkead
Lead ProgrammerAaron Pendley
ProgrammerDon Etgeton, Mikael Andersson
AnimatorSam Gage
Background ArtEric Wayne K.
Tool DevelopmentGary Linscott
Game Titan TestersElizabeth Minor, Helen Minor, Ian Pendley, Justin Pendley
Game Design byall of us at Game Titan; the way that it should be!
Game Titan Legal RepresentationJames Charne
Game Titan AgentingJay Moon, Moon Consulting
Game Titan would like to thankCliff Bleszinski (Cliffy-B of Epic Games; for your awesome design direction and enthusiasm.), Jay Wilbur (of Epic Games; for your straight forward business acumen [Cool E3 Party!]), Teri Newcomb (The wizard behind the curtain), All the hot chicks that work at Starbucks down the street., Chris Rippy (of Ensemble Studios), The good people at VR-1 [Jaleco], Blue [The Studio Chihuauha], John Root (of Outlaw Studios [We had nothing to do with that]), John Mueller (of Outlaw Studios [We had nothing to do with that]), Game Illuminati, Egads of University of Texas, Rush; Tool; Sparta; Enon; and TRS-80 [The band], ...All of our family and friends; for putting up with our ridiculous work schedule..., ...And of course; all of you who bought and played this game!!, You have mad thumbability!

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (71529) and Evil Ryu (65445)