Justice League: Chronicles Credits

Full Fat

Game DirectionPaul Adams
Business DevelopmentPaul Adams
Executive ProducerPeter Ranson
Head of DevelopmentAndrew Docking
Lead ProgrammersFlorian Raoult, Crispian Daniels
Support ProgrammerNicolas Roks
Game Concept DesignPaul Adams, Peter Ranson
Game Level DesignJamie Byrne, Jamie Bamborough
Episode ArtJamie Byrne, Jamie Bamborough, Tony Chen
Cutscene ArtAndrew Nixon
Character ConceptsAndrew Nixon
Character AnimationsPeter Ranson, MichaĆ«l Garcini
Additional Character AnimationsWill Morrison, Andrew Nixon, Jamie Byrne
MusicJames Barnard
SFXJames Barnard
Presentation ArtMohammed Ali
Episode Story and ScriptEric DeSantis, Chad Lowe

Midway Games West, Inc.

Managing ProducerNathan Rose
Associate ProducerChad Lowe
QA Director Paul Sterngold
QA Manager Robert Sablan
Database AdminstratorMichelle Savoie
WebmasterMichelle Savoie
QA SupervisorJohn Ubalde
Lead Product AnalystRyan A. Castiglia
Technical Standards AnalystsJoshua Palmer, Ronald Salleza
Product Testing Analysts Jeff Lacsamana, William McChesney, Alan Martinez, Ryan Yamada
VP MarketingHelene Sheeler
Product Marketing Manager David Watson
Director Entertainment MarketingLawrence Smith
Director, PR and PromotionsMarcelyn Ditter
Director, Channel MarketingChrista Wittenberg
VP, Creative Services (CS - San Diego)Debra Austin
Director, Creative Services (CS - San Diego)Jon Mongelluzzo
Manual (CS - San Diego)Jon Mongelluzzo
Project ManagerSally Nichols
Creative DesignerGary Gonzales
Special ThanksNeil Nicastro, Kenneth J. Fedesna, Stephen Crane, Steve Booth, Tom Powell, Mark Beaumont, Robert Gustafson, Rema Sundarajan

Warner Brothers

ProducerJason Ades
Executive ProducerBrett Skogen
Marketing CoordinatorJim Molinaro
Special ThanksPhilippe Erwin, Scott Johnson, Heidi Behrendt, Gary Sheinwald, Eric Bram, Marielle Henault, Susannah Payne Scott, Geraldine Wong, Alyson Ruppel, Leah Tribble, Frank Keating, David Binnie

DC Comics

ProducerAmes Kirshen
Associate ProducerDana Kurtin
Director of Creative ServicesRon Perazza
Special Thanks toJohn Nee, Cheryl Rubin, Richard Bruning, Cara Lustik

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