Justice League: Chronicles Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Title screen
Main menu
Wonder Woman's entry in the hero biographies section
A shot from the intro
You play as Green lantern and Flash in the first section
Flash uses his whirlwind attack to destroy a generator.
The first boss, Killer Frost, introduces herself.
Dodging falling icicles in an elevator level
Green Lantern uses his special attack to hit several enemies at once
In Watchtower training mode, you can play any level with any combination of characters. Here are Batman and Hawkgirl in the first level.
Batman throws a bomb as he takes a hit.
Hawkgirl uses her special attack to take out a wall-gun.
Wonder Woman lassos a bad guy.
Superman uses his frost-breath in front of an electric fence.
Select character
Martian manhunter
Act complete
Fight on a elevator
Double hit
"Heroes walks on ice" New TV Show
Boss fight