The King of Fighters EX2: Howling Blood Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Title screen.
Selecting a team.
Order selection.
Ralf connects a massive 12-hit combo on Choi through his grabbing DM Horse Power Vulcan Punch.
Grabbing Chang with aggressiveness, Clark is almost finishing his SDM Ultra Argentine Back Breaker!
After doing her Grand Saber move, Leona complements it with a Gliding Buster, doing a 2-hit combo.
Mai Shiranui and Kyo Kusanagi executing a Body Toss Attack simultaneously.
With a big power difference, Takuma's DM Haoh Shi Koh Ken surpasses Andy's Violent Hi Sho Ken move.
Kim Kaphwan's air jump being successfully intercepted by Terry Bogard's Power Dunk move.
Chang's Ball and Bash move meets Leona's Earring Bomb: a quick advantage for her explosive attack...
With a fast and massive kick, Kim is almost connecting in Bao the 2nd hit of his move Comet Crusher.
During his DM Super Tornado Vacuum Slice, Choi attacks the opponent with a 3-hit walking whirlwind.
Moe Habana: smashed by the big purple flaming "tower" of Iori's DM Concealed 1207 Gloom Gouger...
Demonstration mode match with Leona connecting a hit of her ground kick in Andy Bogard's chest.
Victory screen.
Kensou's SDM Dragon God Heaven Hoolah wasn't successful, giving to Kyo a good chance to strike back.
Attempting to defend from Bao's SDM Psycho Ball Attack, Choi Bounge assumes the guard position.
Yuri attacks with a Rai Oh Ken, but her projectile is repelled by Athena's SDM Shining Crystal Bit.
Ryo smashes Kim after be applied a unique and accurate super punch during his DM Conquest of Heaven.
In his move Shoran Kyaku, Takuma grabs the opponent and executes a set of several knee-based hits.
Following Takuma's Shouran Kyaku style, Yuri's DM Flying Phoenix Kick marks 10-hit combo on Athena.
Fearing that Athena (now recovered) attacks first, Kyo executes his DM Orochinagi as a precaution.
Fatal Fury Team status: two defeated members and Mai damaged by Moe's SDM Cherry Blossom Storm...
Reiji uses his DM Meteor Great Wolf Kick to mark some air stomp-flaming hits on Ralf during a jump.
Using carefully a strong punch when ducked, Bao finds a easy way to escape of Miu's move Yomosugara.
Fighting against Jun: this time, Clark wasn't fast enough to avoid her SDM Chop Buster Excellent...
Iori stops Terry's counter-attack with a strong 3-hit version of his anti-air move 100 Baked Demon.
Due to Yuri's defenseless moment, Choi had total freedom to do his aerial DM Super Revolving Puncture.
The multimillionaire Gustav Munchausen watches Sinobu Amou attack Moe with his Vacuum Attack move.
In his powered mode, Sinobu will attack using electricity-based moves, as seen in his Thunderstorm.
Nice kick
End of fight, I lose
Dark power
Leona is quite brutal
Last duel - punch in stomach
Final attack
Come here!
Too small to normal hit
Nice jump