Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Title screen (US version)
Title Screen
Title screen (Japanese version)
The level 1 intro has been "censored" to not suggest Kirby using violence anymore
The start of Level 1-1
Still 1-1, avoiding enemies by flight
The shiny new world map
The old bonus games have been completely replaced. This is "Bomb Rally", which is four-player tennis with explosives.
Snorkel Kirby
The backgrounds are a whole lot more detailed than in the NES version, too.
You could describe the Kirby platformers as "Eat'em'up" games.
The minibosses have become a whole lot bigger. Less mini, so to speak.
Kirby make a deadly trap to defeat his foes
Wispy Woods on the GBA
Kirby is invincible now due to the lollipop, like the Mario star
Beware of the cannons
Get the sword to fight against the boss
Kirby vs. Mr. Tick-Tock
Kirby earns 5,000 points!
Kirby screaming in the darkness
The laser can rebound in the slopes
Walking over the blocks
Another new mini-game: Air grind
Quick Draw mini-game: in the same style as the Samurai Kirby game from Kirby Super Star
Watch out Kirby, the UFOs are chasing you
Poor Kirby
Look, 5 lives, Kirby is lucky
Kirby is ready to blast off
The foe is riding in my maxi tomato
Kirby is going far with his warp star
Falling on the waterfall
Be careful Kirby, don't touch the spikes
How I do to get this soda? Is too dangerous and with only one point of health
Hurry up Kirby or the cannon will detonate
The hammer is a powerful weapon to clear paths
Back to dream land (in Green Greens)
This place remembers to the Castle where lives Lololo and Lalala
Shocking power ;D
End of level
Fly over everything.

It works sometimes.