Kirby & The Amazing Mirror Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Intro: The mirror world needs help!
Intro: Kirby goes to fight against the dark figure.
Intro: When confronted by the dark knight, Kirby was split into 4.
Title Screen
Main Menu: Select to start game, play a sub-game, view your collection or erase all data
Sub-Games Menu
Speed Eaters: Each sub-game start of with instructions on how to play.
Speed Eaters: Be the first to eat the plate of apples to win. Make sure to not press A too soon or too late!
Crackity Hack: Instructions
Crackity Hack: Try to press A when the meter reaches the arrow
Kirby Wave Ride: Instructions
Kirby Wave Ride: If done properly, you can do a super speed burst and gain distance on the others
Each mirror will lead to a different world.
When in need help, just use your cell phone to get your friends to come!
Pressing the big button will link your friends with your world
When swallowing certain enemies, Kirby can copy their abilities. Here, Kirby's using his stone ability to crush the Golem
Sword ability: Slash at your enemies
Missile ability: Kirby can turn into a missile and fly around seeking out his enemies and blowing them up.
Bomb ability: Kirby will have an endless supply of bombs to throw at his enemies
When under water, Kirby will automatically change into his scuba-gear. Kirby can blow water at his enemies.
Boss fight
No Kirby game is complete without Kirby's victory dance!
Characters in intro
Four kirby's on star
Select route
Small knight
Shadow Kirby