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LEGO Bionicle: Tohunga (Game Boy Advance)

ESRB Rating
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

LEGO Bionicle: Tohunga Credits

Saffire Corporation

Team LeadJay Ward
Lead ProgrammerDavid M. Rushton
ProgrammersAmy Mertlich, Dan Scofield, Don Milham, Jonathan K. Bianchi, Larry A. Bowen, Michael Butterfield
ArtistsBrian Cutler, Casey Nelson, Justin Kunz, Ben Sowards, Emily Whitney, Nicole Seegmiller, Robert Miley, Toran Kotter
Audio DirectorLance LeVar
AudioEric Nunamaker, Todd Sorensen, Dave Madden
Game DesignDavid M. Rushton, Sam Nielson
Additional ProgrammingDeon McLurg
Operations ManagerKathy Parke
Asst. Operations ManagerCindi Adamson
Technical DirectorDan Baker
Art DirectorDon Seegmiller
TestingDevon Hargraves, Jason Scott, Barry Ellsworth, Bracken Spencer, Brent Stubbs, Danny Harper, Devon Hargraves, Jason Ablett, Jason Scott, John Hunsberger
Network AdministratorBrad Thurber, Douglas Crosby, Perry Wakefield
Special ThanksHal Rushton, Dan Hilton, Del Campbell, Taylor Hunt

LEGO Media International

Worldwide Managing DirectorMark Livingstone
Senior ProducerDarren Potter
ProducerJeff James
Assistant ProducerMichael Ray
Testing & QAKevin Turner (Head of Software Operations), Nicolas Doucet (Group Lead), David Lane (Lead Tester), Jonathan Hughes (Tester), Matthew Ibbs (Tester), Sevan Bagheshian (Tester), Matthew Marriner (Tester), Desmond Gayle (Code Supervisor)
LocalizationIsabelle Martin (Localization Manager), Neil McKenna (Localization test manager), Emma Timms (Localization Coordinator), Fritz Ehlers (Localization Tester), Noam Halby (Localization Tester), Pasquale Stacchiotti (Localization Tester), Hicham Rakim (Localization Tester)
LogisticsNic Ashford (Head of Logistics)
Script & ManualJeff James, Saffire
International MarketingSara Marshall (Product Manager), Tim Price (Market Research Manager), Kai Wunderlich
International SalesLeah Kalboussi
Additional ThanksGreg Farshtey, Leah Weston, Jeppe Fonnesbaek, Michael McNally, Helen Nicholas, Bob Thompson, Martin Riber Andersen, Christian Faber, Alastair Swinnerton
Script Editor & Story ConsultantAlastair Swinnerton

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