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LEGO Racers 2 (Game Boy Advance)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

LEGO Racers 2 Credits

Pocket Studios

ProducerDominic Berzins
Lead ProgrammerJames Woodhouse
ProgrammerDarren Clayton, Steve C. Jones
Lead ArtistSimon Sheridan
ArtistRobert Swan, Andrew Cambridge
DesignerDominic Berzins
Additional DesignSimon Sheridan, Robert Swan
Director of ProjectsSteve Iles
Tools ProgrammerJason Grace
Track DesignDominic Berzins, Robert Swan
MappingThomas Heaton, Dominic Berzins
AudioRockett Music
Special ThanksAttention to Detail, David Williams

LEGO Media

ProducersDavid Williams, Gary Simmons
Head of Software OperationsKevin Turner
Group LeadsNick Bodenham, Nicolas Doucet, Andrew Donnelly
Lead TestersGary Mellish, Stephan Manners, David Lane, Warren Leigh, Wayne P. Gardner
TestersDwayne Buck, Matthew Marriner, Karl Fentiman, Neil Delderfield, Jonathan Hughes, Kieron Clarke, Eddie Hayden, Daley Salami, Alex Shepherd, Matthew Ibbs, Mark Ward, Sevan Bagheshian, Hugo Hirsh, Wayne Malcolm Maddison
TechniciansJames Dobbs, Alex Munday, Jason Reast-Jones
Code SupervisorDesmond Gayle
Localisation ManagerIsabelle Martin
Localisation Test ManagerNeil McKenna
Localisation Co‑OrdinatorsEmma Timms, Garry Mullett
Localisation TestersFritz Ehlers, Noam Halby, Pasquale Stacchiotti, Hicham Rakim, Conrado Dorado
Worldwide Managing DirectorMark Livingstone
Global VP of Lego SoftwareTom Stone
Head of LogisticsNic Ashford
Logistics ControllerRobert Boyle
Marketing ManagerSarah Radford
Product ManagerMartin Williams
Production ManagerMary Jane Brett
Market Research ManagerTim Price
Marketing AssistantNicola Sunshine
International Sales DirectorLeah Kalboussi

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