LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Title screen
There isn't a main menu, to select an episode just go through a door, to buy something ask at the counter
Levels in Episode IV
You start as a guard of Tantive IV, Leia's starship
Just like in the movie
Activating a switch, but a droid must be used to open the door
Leia learning about the Death Star
Unlocking characters
This is done by getting a lot of studs, and not making an habit from dying
Obi-Wan leading the way
Obi-Wan's force power makes everyone confused for a while
"There aren't the droids we are looking for"
Han shot first. In fact, he was the only one shooting.
Luke, followed by the two droids, makes way in the Death Star hangar
Disguised as a guard, Luke or Han Solo can walk by guards unnoticed
The first "driving" mission takes place in the trenches of the first Death Star
That wampa wasn't so friendly in the movie...
A mission that was a classic on the SNES game returns for the delight of fans
The asteroid field is a tricky level to complete 100%
HK-47 is 1337? Han Solo (aka "meatbag") seems to think otherwise.
Luke visiting the swamp
Chewbacca repairing Threepio after he's ambushed in Bespin
Han Solo frozen, with Leia, Boba Fett and Darth Vader watching
Bespin is a great level to get some studs, and here Luke is throwing his lightsaber at an Imperial officer
There are only a couple of lightsaber battles in this one
Darth Vader breaking the news to Luke
Episode three starts with Luke crushing the Rancor
Boba Fett is a tricky boss to get
Speeding through the Forest Moon of Endor
Han Solo getting confused about those two
Chewbacca leading the way for Han Solo and Leia
Ewoks. At least the Gungans had a ranged attack
The shop menu
An half-complete character screen. While it has a lot more than the prequel, a lot of the are the same character with different clothes on