Lucky Luke: Wanted! Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Title screen
Main Menu
Options screen
Password screen
Duel Practices
Arm Wrestling Match: Instructions
Arm Wrestling Match: Try to beat your horse!
Starting an Adventure: Choose your difficulty settings
Intro: Lucky Luke thought that he and his town can finally enjoy some peace but then a new president...
Intro: In his victory, the president decides to grant general amnesty to all felons. This means the Dalton brothers are let loose!
Intro: First thing the brothers did as free men was robbing the bank in Yuma City.
Intro: Now it's up to Lucky Luke to save the day once again!
Picking up ammo. If you run out, Lucky Luke will have to fight with his fists
Some times, you have to complete certain tasks in order to advance in the level. In this case, you get a log into the furnace in order so that the pipes so you can reach higher areas.
By pressing up beneath certain platforms, Lucky Luke will jump and climb the platforms.
Shoot down the stack of hay so you can catapult yourself to the higher areas
Saving the bank manager
Preparing for a duel.
Starting the next level.
Shoot down your enemies...before they shoot you
Picking up badges will help your health meter