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    When One Legend Falls

    Embark on a desperate struggle to realize one hero's dream to become a legend.

    Live the Lunar Legend like never before with new quests created solely for the Game Boy Advance system.

    Brand-new character sprites, animations, and cut-scene to draw you further into the mythical world of Lunar.

    Unleash each character's all-new special abilities to decimate foes or heal allies.

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69531) on Aug 06, 2005.
    When a story is told enough times, it becomes something of legend. It is only fitting that Ubi Soft's latest retelling of one such tale has been dubbed Lunar Legend.

    Back to the Beginning

    Originally premiering on the Sega CD and making multiple appearances on numerous other consoles, Lunar Legend on the Game Boy Advance retells the tale of Lunar: Silver Star Story. Players assume the role of a young adventurer by the name of Alex. Born and raised in the humble village of Burg, it has been Alex's lifelong dream to become one of the fabled Dragonmasters, much like his dearly departed master Dyne.

    Along his journey, Alex is accompanied by childhood friend Luna, wisecracking baby-dragon Nall, brash wizard-in-training Nash and humble but amiable amigo Ramus. Wishing to relive the adventures of Alex's idol Dyne, this group of misfits soon realizes how quickly fantasy can turn to reality in this entertaining RPG romp.

    RPG Fundamentals

    Much like any other RPG, gameplay revolves around overworld exploration, character interaction, dungeon roaming, puzzles and battling. The random battle encounters are a throwback to classic 16-bit RPGs, featuring little more than the basic attack, skill, spell and item commands.

    Which is not to say that battles are lacking in strategy. In fact, players can design formations, allowing stronger characters to attack from the front while weaker characters remain safe in the back. You can also reduce tedious menu navigation by creating default tactics.

    Turns are doled out based on individual character speed. Successful attacks will add bonus points to the attacker's special meter. Once filled, your characters (with the exception of the well-meaning but unskilled Ramus) can unleash incredible support and attack techniques.

    Much of the dungeon exploration aspect includes cleverly concocted puzzles that force you to rely heavily on your wits, although a touch of trial and error doesn't hurt. Treasure chests laden with bonus potions and money are generously distributed throughout these areas.

    New and Improved

    Instead of settling for a direct port, the developers have fine-tuned Lunar Legend specifically for the Game Boy Advance. All of the beautiful character designs have been recreated in impressive detail, with increased sprite size and animation.

    Character dialog is accompanied by character portraits (complete with appropriate expressions) for easy-to-follow conversations. Major character introductions are handled by colorful full-screen images captured from the original version's full-motion video sequences.

    Players can view these images along with other unlockable bonuses in the unique gallery mode. Virtual trading cards that feature character and enemy sprites can be collected and traded. Two GBAs, a GBA Game Link cable and two Game Paks are required for card trading.

    Same Legend, New Gamers

    Ubi Soft has done a spectacular job in bringing over this light-hearted RPG classic to the Game Boy Advance. A whole new generation of gamers can now experience the Silver Star Story in Lunar Legend.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66865) on Jan 03, 2005.