Mario Pinball Land Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Title screen.
A peaceful amusement park is the visual of the 1st stage.
Select the next world to "pinball" the enemies!
The next step: a barren desert.
A typical ice level: ice puppets, pines, colorful canes... and Shy Guys?
Other ice area, this time with some lazy penguins.
Ohhhh... Mario was knocked out!
A very simple Game Over screen.
High score table with high default scores.
Mario and Peach are surprised with something...
Mario is furious and prepared to rescue Peach one more time!
Spend your rich little money buying items and other goodies in Toad's shop.
Bonus stage with hungry Chomp-Chomps.
Other bonus stage, now with some Bob-ombs to explode.
See how many big Bullet Bills you can destroy with only 30 seconds...
Which mysteries this room hides? Only playing to discover!
Nice trophy gallery!
Your task: defeat some Goombas (and other enemies) in a peaceful and beautiful forest.
Naval Piranha Plant strikes back?
These ice puppets team are armed and dangerous!
When the Boos are invisible, they're immune to any attack.
Pinball in the sea: fishes, treasure chests and a suspected ship.
This apparently defenseless prickly fish is a boss. Yes, a boss!
Could be this a parody from some Pokémon? Maybe... ;-)
See this scene: some Shy-Guys are playing before dying...
Inside of this "?" box, a good item awaits for a owner. And nobody (not even this "mole") will disturb your way!
A giant pyramid: another place to improve your exploration sense!
Some Koopas are walking peacefully in a toadstool field, waiting the moment of death... ;-)
Finally: Lakitu makes a traditional appearance in another Mario game, like its non-separable Spinys!
Other boss: a big Koopa pharaoh with magical powers.