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DreamcastGame Vortex (Dec 08, 2002)
And, mastery will be a long time coming, as it should be for any great piece of gaming. Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX gives eXtreme fans all the bang their buck could buy and then some, since this is the way we wished things looked as we played this joint on PlayStation! Graphics' upgrades, more power and nothing fixed that wasn't broke. What else could you ask from a great 'port? Unless the thought of Sports games makes you sick to your stomach (and if that's the case, why in God's name did you read this much of the review!?) buy this game for your Dreamcast. You'll enjoy the music, the challenge and the depth of Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX whether you play solo or with a friend. And, if you didn't notice the not-so-fine print from Activision, Don't Try This At Home!
PlayStationGameZone (Jun 04, 2001)
If you've played "Tony Hawk Pro Skater", then you'll have a good idea of what this new title brings to the table. This is primarily because "Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX" uses the "Tony Hawk Pro Skater" game engine, which so far has been superior to all others. When you fire up this game, you'll first notice the awesome bike-riding video, which easily gets you in the mood to tear it up. It's not one of the cheesy videos that we've all seen once too many times, but rather, a very impressive, high-quality sequence.
PlayStationGamePro (US) (May 10, 2001)
Fans of Tony Hawk’s games will want to check out Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX for sure but be warned: For both better and worse, this isn’t the same game with two less wheels. Built on a modified but aging THPS1 engine, Hoffman’s swinging camera makes it difficult to land some tricks. But if you’re choosing between Mat and Mirra, there’s no contest: Hoffman’s gameplay and mechanics are much more fun. Thanks to fresh physics challenges, ample combo lines, and trick-filled locales, Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX is the game to get.
DreamcastGaming Target (Nov 09, 2001)
Tony Hawk rip-off? Yes. Activision milking a gameplay engine? Yes. Still fun? Oh yeah! Okay, here’s my advice – if you’ve played Tony Hawk 1 and 2 on your Dreamcast, then you really have no reason to play this. But, if you haven’t, or if you’re just a huge fan of the “extreme” sport of BMX, you won’t be disappointed. This game is truly a joy to play, but I’d hold off for Tony Hawk 3. That is unless you don’t plan on purchased any of the new next-gen consoles. If that’s the case, then go away.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation (2001)
Activision has come out with another quality game in the THPS spirit. This is an early version of a BMX game, so I expect greater things in the future (hopefully PS2) versions. This is different enough from THPS to recommend you get this, especially if you're hooked on THPS, since this gives you the same overall challenge in a different enough sport.
PlayStationConsoles Plus (Jun, 2001)
Mat Hoffman reprend les éléments de la série des Tony Hawk, mais avec moins de bonheur: le jeu est trop difficile. Il reste pourtant la référence en matière de BMX.
PlayStationGame Informer Magazine (Jun, 2001)
As a gargantuan Tony Hawk fan myself, I truly hated this game for the first few hours – mainly because the timing in Pro BMX is a fraction of a second different than it is in THPS. After investing a good day, and shedding the “I suck” feeling, I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with this title. Certainly, I would have loved for this game to be as deep as THPS 2, but you have to start small. Skateboarding still reigns king, but BMX is a nice diversion – especially when a new THPS sequel is a good six to eight months off.
83 (Jul 13, 2001)
Tja, was soll man nun dazu sagen. Auf der einen Seite ist Mat Hoffman´s BMX ein hochmotivierendes Spiel mit vielen Möglichkeiten, sauberer Grafik und einem feinen Soundtrack. Andererseits jedoch ist das nun wirklich nicht verwunderlich, da nur die Kurse und das Gefährt im Vergleich zu Tony Hawk geändert wurden. Wer die Skateboard-Eskapaden schon mehrfach bis zum Ende durchgespielt hat, findet mit Pro BMX genügend Futter, um die Wartezeit bis THPS 3 zu überbrücken. Allen anderen könnte die Umstellung von vier auf zwei Räder, die das eigentlich einzige Unterscheidungsmerkmal zwischen Activisions BMX- und Skater-Spielen ausmacht, zuwenig sein. In dem Fall ist vielleicht einfach ein kleines Probespielchen angesagt.
WindowsGameStar (Germany) (Nov, 2001)
Zwei Minuten Mat Hoffman, und schon ist wieder alles verloren – die alte Leidenschaft bricht durch! Das liegt vor allem an der hervorragenden und sehr intuitiven Steuerung und natürlich am erstklassigen Soundtrack. Doch wieso wurde alles gegenüber Tony Hawk 2 vereinfacht? Keine direkte Charakterentwicklung mehr, weniger Aufgaben, wesentlich leichtere Levels – das macht das Spiel viel zu einfach. Doch wenn Sie ein Faible für Funsportarten am PC haben, kommen Sie an Mat Hoffman nicht vorbei.
WindowsGamezilla (Nov 01, 2001)
The all tricks and no racing approach of Mat Hoffman Pro BMX didn’t work for someone who admits a bias toward checkered flags like myself. No heartfelt sense of victory remained after the beauty pageant had ended. A more comprehensive motocross biking game might have included racing, not just freestyle. A great example of this racing and stunt fusion occurs in the Motocross Madness series by Microsoft. For stunt loving bikers who need a tough challenge however, Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX is no cheap trick, but a serious and worthy game.
DreamcastIGN (Sep 18, 2001)
Criticisms aside, I enjoyed my turn at the handlebars with Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX and it still has a wonderful mix of punk, ska, hip-hop, and metal for its music soundtrack. Some of the songs aren't as new as they should be, but they nonetheless add to the exciting extreme sports feeling. It doesn't surpass any marks left by Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, but at least Dreamcast fans have another solid Dreamcast title in the form of Matt Hofman's Pro BMX... and in these final days of the Dreamcast, that's a gift we would do a few backflips for.
PlayStationAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Jun 13, 2001)
If you’ve played and mastered either of the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater games, then you’re not likely to find too much new when you start riding your BMX. You’ll find more levels, different moves and new characters, but the basic mechanics are exactly the same. This isn’t to say that Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX is in any way a poor offering, in fact it’s clearly the best BMX game out there and is willing to serve up a wicked set of grinds and tricks to prove it to you. Featuring smooth animation, a proven control scheme, interesting levels and challenges, a park editor and fun multiplayer modes, you won’t go far wrong with The Condor’s first foray into digital entertainment. The only minor problems evident are a few glitches in the graphical department, which are easily ignored in the light of how good this title looks. Ultimately, this is a great buy if you’ve yet to experience Activision’s flagship series, or if you seriously prefer BMX tricks to skateboarding.
DreamcastGameSpy (Sep 19, 2001)
If you don't have the PlayStation version, I'd recommend getting Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX for the Dreamcast. But if you already own the PSX version, your money might be better spent elsewhere.
DreamcastPlanet Dreamcast (Sep 19, 2001)
Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX is a solid title, based on one of the most popular extreme sports games, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. For anybody who has played THPS, will feel right at home with Mat Hoffman, as the controls and gameplay are very similar. Because Mat Hoffman is based on the first Tony Hawk game, there are a lot of tweaks and additions that I believe will give THPS2 fans a sense that something is missing. It's a great port from the original PlayStation game, but it offers nothing new other than better graphics at a higher resolution. If you don't have the PlayStation version, I'd recommend getting Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX for the Dreamcast. But if you already own the PSX version, your money might be better spent elsewhere. If you've never played either of the Tony Hawk games, or the PlayStation Mat Hoffman game, I'd suggest starting with Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 for the Dreamcast first, as it was the most impressive of all of the titles.
PlayStationGame Informer Magazine (Jun, 2001)
Maybe I take my job too seriously, but this was the most difficult review I've done in my tenure at GI. You can't deny the brilliance of the Tony Hawk engine, and Hoffman takes full advantage of it. However, I kept feeling that this was a B-team effort. The physics and collision are just not up to par with Pro Skater. Quarterpipes toss you inconsistently, and your rider takes many unexplainable spills. Despite this, Hoffman is still an addictive game, and the track design is ideal for setting up some great runs. Also, Pro BMX has the BEST SOUNTRACK EVER, with Bad Brains, Dead Prez, and Outkast. The less Hawk you've played, the faster you'll pick up on Hoffman. Seasoned THPS 2 vets like myself will have to retrain their gaming instinct, or suffer the self-loathing consequences. I recommend Pro BMX as a purchase, but it's just not in Tony Hawk 2's league.
DreamcastArmchair Empire, The (Oct 18, 2001)
The one thing that really hurts Hoffman though is having to compete against Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. Yeah, it's not the same sport, but if you only like getting one sports title that can be considered extreme then chances are you'll get THPS. Hoffman is good, but it's not THPS good. But if you're looking for something a little different to augment the THPS in your games library, Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX is one to seriously consider.
79 (Dec 19, 2001)
Ich bin fast ein Tony Hawk - so schreit einem das Spiel quasi die ganze Zeit an. Gegenüber dem mega-erfolgreichen Skater-Epos wurde vieles übernommen, dabei aber deutlich vereinfacht. Raus mit der Charakter-Entwicklung, einfachere Levels, übrig bleibt immer noch ein gutes Spiel.
PlayStationGamezilla (May 31, 2001)
Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX may not be revolutionary in design or gameplay, but why fix something if it ain’t broken? Smooth gameplay, great sound, and sharp graphics make this game a definite keeper. Besides we all need something to do while we wait for Tony Hawk 3 to hit the streets.
PlayStationIGN (May 15, 2001)
But regardless of the fun there is to be had with this game, I'm looking ahead to Rainbow Studios and its work on Mat Hoffman 2 for what I hope will be a fresher treatment of the concept. Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX both succeeds and fails by trying to ride Pro Skater's coattails.
PlayStationGameSpot (May 11, 2001)
If this game had shipped prior to Tony Hawk 2, it would have bridged the gap between the two Tony Hawk games nicely. Now, however, this "Tony Hawk 1.5" feels a little out of place, especially with games like Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 on the horizon. If you're looking for some filler while you wait for Tony Hawk 3, Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX will fit the bill. But those who go in looking for a game equal to Activision's skateboarding franchise will be a little disappointed.
PlayStationPower Unlimited (Jul, 2001)
Nou ja, ik ben er blij mee in ieder geval en ondanks dat ik Pro BMX behoorlijk geript vind, blijft het wel een vette titel die nog zeker een paar weken in mijn PSX terug te vinden zal zijn.
DreamcastGameSpot (Sep 19, 2001)
While the game doesn't have the trick depth of its closest competitor, Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX, Hoffman simply blows Mirra out of the water in every other way imaginable and stands as the best BMX game on the market. However, once you widen that focus to include other alternative sports games, Activision's other efforts leave Mat Hoffman in the dust. If this game had shipped prior to Tony Hawk 2, it would have bridged the gap between the two Tony Hawk games nicely. Now, however, this "Tony Hawk 1.5" feels a little out of place. Still, given the gigantic gaps in the Dreamcast release schedule, it's nice to see a quality game come out, even if it is a full-priced release.
WindowsGame Captain (Dec 28, 2001)
Für BMX Freaks interessant, alle anderen bekommen bei Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 mehr geboten! Man hätte sicher mehr aus dem Spiel herausholen können, aber man bekommt nur einen THPS 2 Klone geboten, der zwar solide gemacht ist, es aber an Innovation mangeln lässt. Wer nicht gerade auf BMX steht, ist mit THPS 2 besser beraten.
WindowsPC Games (Germany) (Dec 19, 2001)
Die Levels, egal ob Baustelle oder BMX-Halle, sind mit zahlreichen Rampen, Geländern, Schanzen und anderen Objekten ansprechend gestaltet. Die ausführbaren Tricks umfassen das typische Repertoire an Grinds, Drehungen, Sprüngen und natürlich der Kombination all dieser Elemente. Per Gamepad (viele verbreitete Modelle werden per Default unterstützt) steuern Sie Ihren Radler nach einiger Einarbeitungszeit recht souverän über die Parcours. Das größte Problem des Spiels ist die mitunter ungünstig gewählte und hektisch umschwenkende Kamera, die Höhe und Entfernungen schwer einschätzbar macht. Insgesamt ist Mat Hoffman"s Pro BMX ein gelungenes, actionreiches Funsportspiel mit Suchtpotenzial und coolem Soundtrack.
75 (May 22, 2001)
Il se sera fait attendre le père Hoffman. Le jeu n'est peut être pas à la mesure de l'attente (pas assez d'innovations par rapport à Tony Hawk) mais reste cependant un bon titre, en tout cas bien meilleur que Dave Mirra, son concurrent direct.
WindowsGamezone (Germany) (Nov 08, 2001)
Leider kommt dieses Spiel nicht an die Klasse von Tony Hawk´s Skateboarding heran, wer aber schon immer ein BMX-Spiel im Stil von Tony Hawk´s haben wollte, ist bei dieses Spiel gut aufgehoben!
WindowsGameplay (Benelux) (Jan 31, 2002)
Verplichte kost voor de fans van keiharde stunts op twee wielen. De originaliteit is echter ver te zoeken.
WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Jan 09, 2002)
Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX is a fulfilling but yet not perfect extreme sports experience. As a racing fan, I miss the ability to have available a combination of speeding along against other riders as well as performing stunts, with multiple forms of competition of the type exemplified in Microsoft’s Motocross Madness series. For those who love stunts and tracks, however, Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX provides a worthy opportunity to hone your virtual skills, with more than decent graphics and especially music. While there is nothing startlingly innovative in this game, all of its components are at least competent, and all are well integrated together. If you want to violate the staid rules of biking and really take everything to the limit, you will want to give this one a try.
PlayStationPSM (Jun, 2001)
Activision has created another solid, although extremely derivative extreme sports title. All told, Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX is a game that fans of the sport will really like and most others will still get a lot of fun out of. Just don't expect much innovation, or the polish and excellent level design of THPS2, but do expect to be entertained.
PlayStationSuper Play (Sweden) (Jul, 2001)
Men ändå är inte spelet riktigt i Tony Hawk-klass. Dessutom kan det ju kännas onödigt med ett spel som är så otroligt likt ett annat, bara lite sämre. Men Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX är inte alls dåligt, och tycker man bättre om cyklar än brädor samt dessutom inte har testat det senare alternativet kan det här vara något att kolla in.
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Jan, 2002)
Of course MHPBMX sports multiplayer modes similar to those in THPS, but they’re not nearly compelling enough to make up for the uninteresting gameplay. It seems that MHPBMX was designed to appeal to BMX riders. The main problem, though, is that MHPBMX makes me just want to turn of f the computer and ride a real bike. And non-BMX riders will have little reason to play this game, what with a better and more compelling version of the same idea (in the form of THPS) lying around.
PlayStationGamekult (Jun 10, 2001)
Matt Hoffman's Pro BMX aurait pu tout aussi bien s'appeler Tony Hawk's Pro BMX. En tout point identique à son modèle, ce nouveau titre de Activision se contente en effet de reprendre point par point les ingrédients qui ont fait le succès de la série des Tony Hawk. Les seules petites innovations s'effectuent au niveau de l'apparition de pièces pour les vélos, des animations des figures et de l'inertie plus grande. Pour le reste Matt Hoffman's Pro BMX est véritablement un clone de son prédécesseur ce qui est tout de même une sacré référence en la matière. Un titre qui ravira les fans du genre qui ne se sont pas encore procurés une version du virtuose de la planche à roulettes.
60 (Nov 21, 2001)
Une grosse déception que ce Mat Hoffman sur PC. En arrivant aussi tard sur la marché, le jeu accuse quelques lacunes techniques qui ont du mal à passer. On se demande pourquoi avoir gardé le moteur 3D du premier Tony Hawk alors même que le troisième volet s'apprête à sortir. Dommage...
PlayStationGame Revolution (Jun, 2001)
Neversoft built some amazing levels for the THPS games; smart design led to levels that seemed open and lines that were happenstance. You really felt like you could go anywhere and do anything. Perhaps due in part to the new development teams, the levels in Mat Hoffman are largely the opposite. It's painfully obvious where to go for the big points with too many connected rails and too many obvious lines. The joy of discovery that made THPS such a great game is sort of lost here. With the exception of the fun Sewage Plant level and the final competition, the areas are pretty forgettable.