Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX Credits

HotGen Studios

ProgrammingRobin Ellis, John Rowlands
Director of DevelopmentMark Fisher
Executive ProducerDavid Vout
ArtworkDean Finnigan, Robin Levy, Steve Rowlands
Special ThanksWill Doyle, Shahid Malik, Lee Matthews
QACraig Barnfield, Stuart Ryall


Exec VP, Worldwide StudiosLawrence Goldberg
VP, No. America StudiosDavid Stohl
Senior ProducerBrian Bright
ProducerPeter Nielsen
Assistant ProducerJesse Smith
LegalGregory Deutsch, Michael James Larson, Robert Pfau
Activision Production Special ThanksChris Archer, Christian D. Astillero, Chris Hewish, Gene Bahng, Chip Bumgardner, Bryant Bustamante, Brian Clarke, Paula Cuneo, Gregory Deutsch, Stacey Ganem, Michael Fletcher, Adam Goldberg, Jay Gordon, Eric Grossman, Todd Quincey Jefferson, Eric Koch, Amir Morning, Peter Muravez, Sylvia Orzel, Jeff Poffenbarger, Matthew J. Powers, Joseph Shackelford, Brian Simkin, Trey Smith, Stacy Sooter, Murali Tegulapalle, Marc Turndorf, Nicole Willick

Quality Assurance

Project LeadsJason Potter, Jesse Shannon
Senior Project LeadKragen Lum
QA Console ManagerJoseph Favazza
Floor LeadEric Rodriguez
TestersAlonzo Clark, William Endo, Oscar Garza, Jason Jackson, Carlo Palmares, Michael Ryan
QA Special ThanksWillie Bolton, Benjamin DeGuzman, Nicholas Favazza, Jeremy Gage, Indra Yee, Tanya Langston, Nathan Lum, Sam Nouriani, Larry Skittleton, Jim Summers, Nadine Theuzillot, Tim Vanlaw, Alexander Watkins, Jason Wong, Mystee D. Yifler

Customer Support

Customer Support Mgr.Bob McPherson
Customer Support LeadsGary Bolduc, Michael Hill, Rob Lim


Director of Global Brand Mgmt.Will Kassoy
Brand ManagerRachel Silverstein
Associate Brand ManagerDeanna Natzke
PublicistRyh-Ming C. Poon

Creative Services

V.P., Creative ServicesDenise Walsh
Mgr., Creative ServicesJill Barry

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Credits for this game were contributed by Corn Popper (69566) and Jeanne (76599)