Max Payne (Game Boy Advance)

Max Payne Screenshots

Game Boy Advance version

Main menu.
Max and his dead wife (Introduction).
Selecting weapons.
Bullet Time gives you the opportunity to dive and fire at your enemies.
Look carefully for extra ammo.
Max at the bank heist
Escaping from the exploding factory
Shooting some bad guys at the sewers
Shoot-out at the club
Waking up from a bad dream
It's a cold night
Max meets a friend and talks to him
Max trying to get some info from a mobster
Max gets killed by a shotgun blast
Inside a bank vault
The game doesn't shy away from showing blood. The blood stains on the wall even appear based on the angle at which you shoot the enemies.
Dying with your pants down is not exactly a dignified way to go.
Locked door in your path ?
No problem. Gas canister + Bullet = Missile = Opened door
For a guy who just get gut-shot, Vinnie Gognitti sure can run fast.
His henchmen try to stop Max. It doesn't work, of course.
No where to run now, Candy man
Max's next stop, the Ragna Rock club
The club owner is near.
Jack Lupino appears on the stage
This guy talks big ...
... but goes down soon enough
Max getting drugged by Mona Sax
Unconscious, captured and tortured by mobs, Max arms himself with the baseball still sticky with his blood and ... a full supply of Painkillers. Sorry, what ???
Returning the favor to the baseball bat's owner
Storming Punchinello's mansion
Max gets captured. Again.
Old, good days
Max must escort this guy to door
Classic jumps with shoots and slow motion
Controls panel
Life lost