Medal of Honor: Infiltrator Credits

Developed by Netherock Ltd

ProducerJames Stewart
ProgrammingDavid Leitch, Andrew Jones, Neil Wilson, Chris Walsh, Kriss Daniels
ArtworkRobin Levy, Gary Kemp, Nick Thomas, Anthony Rosbottom, Adam Tween, Kevin McMahon, Jon Trafford
DesignWill Doyle, Robin Levy, David Barley, Stuart Ryall
Music conversion byAllister Brimble
Sound effects conversion byWill Davis
Special ThanksFish, Marco, Fergus, Carl

Electronic Arts LA

ProducerJon Galvan
Creative DirectorBrady Bell
Technical DirectorMark Dochtermann
Senior ProducerMatthew J. Powers
Executive ProducerRick Giolito
Co‑Executive ProducerRichard Leinfellner
Director of LocalizationThilo W. Huebner
Localization ProducerLea Milic
Test LeadCaleb Sweazy
Test TeamAlan Blanco, John Cross, David Dimov, Jake Nannery, Mike Wale

MOH Rising Sun

DesignChristopher Cross
ConnectivityBrian Berry
Connectivity ArtJeff Bigman
MoviesJon Galvan, Anthony Miller

Electronic Arts UK

Project ManagerAndrew Miller
Senior Team LeaderPaul Watson
Team LeaderDavid Grove
TestersSimon Watson, Chris Mayhew
Special ThanksJohn Batter, Ted Schouten, Fred Garvin, Joan M. Mathys, MOH Rising Sun Teams

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (158964)