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    Jack in.

    Get wired for Capcom's deeply engrossing turn-based fighter.


    • Use your Personal Terminal (PET) to organize Battle Chips into a Program Deck
    • Spend winnings to upgrade Battle Chips. There are more than 200 chips in all
    • Various arena surfaces greatly alter your strategy
    • Play one-time battles, fight through multiple tournaments in the Battle Chip Grand Prix, or create your own tournament

    In Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge, your Navi travels through cyberspace to battle virus-spreading Navis. Equip your Navi with Battle Chips, which are organized into Program Decks.

    Navis and Battle Chips can be one of four elemental types: Fire, Water, Electricity or Wood. There are many kinds of Battle Chips. Some damage or stun Navis. Others raise your defense, steal turns and remove panels from the field. Chips wreak more damage when matched with a Navi of the same type.

    You'll need to consider an arena surface when planning your strategy. For example, Electricity chips double their attack power when fighting on aluminum. But a Wood Navi that deploys a Wood-type chip can transform the aluminum into grass, greatly weakening an Electricity Navi.

    The other surfaces are plain, magma, ice, grass, poison and hole. Each uniquely influences your strategy. For example, it's critical to use your most durable chips when battling on the poison surface, which damages all chips by 20 points after each turn. Because you can't perform close-range attacks on a hole, be sure to remove sword and fist chips from your Program Deck before going into battle.

    Bottom Line

    All plaudits to Capcom for developing an innovative storyline and battle system in Mega Man Battle Network and Mega Man Battle Network 2. Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge greatly expands on its illustrious predecessors. It's time to jack in and battle!

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (60292) on Jul 31, 2006.