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    Entry three in the cyberspace-combat series extends the popular formula of the first two by giving you a choice of fighting skills.

    As in Mega Man Battle Network and Mega Man Battle Network 2, Mega Man is the net-based avatar of a young boy named Lan. When Lan jacks into the ACDC Town network, he can send Mega Man to battle renegade computer viruses. This time, the evil nemesis is the mysterious Zero Virus.

    The Battle Network games successfully blend pure action with RPG elements like turn-based battles and extensive interviews. Rogue viruses can trigger dramatic events in ACDC Town. Playing as Lan, you'll meet friends and foes from the first two games, ask townspeople for info and guide Mega Man in his quest.

    Mega Man Battle Network 3 retains the innovative chip-based battles of the first two games. By selecting and arranging silicon chips, you can customize Mega Man's attacks to suit your fighting style.

    As you progress through the game, you can collect program parts that give Mega Man one of six new fighting styles:

  • Guts. For those who opt for lots of rapid Mega Man buster shots. If you continually use this technique, you'll eventually receive the Gutsman gun.
  • Custom. Defeating enemies with multiple-attack chips. Eventually, you'll gain access to special chips or rare codes.
  • Brother. Delete enemies with style and grace to win special chips.
  • Shield. Carefully time presses of the Control Pad to deflect attacks.
  • Ground. Only in White version. Control the topography in your immediate area.
  • Shadow: Only in Blue version. Hide in the shadows.

    Just as a bad software installation can wreak havoc on a PC, you must carefully install program parts in Mega Man.

    In an unusual move, Capcom will release the Blue version only through one still-unnamed retailer. The White version of Mega Man Battle Network 3 will be available at all retailers. The two games will use the same maps, but have different chips, bosses, enemies and battle styles. To collect all the chips, you'll need to swap via a Game Boy Advance Game Link cable.

    As with the first two Battle Network games, you can link and battle with a friend.

    Since debuting on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1988, more than 20 million Mega Man games have been sold in the United States, Japan (where he is known as Rockman) and elsewhere.

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