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Similar to the first Battle Network, but vastly improved and a lot more fun Bregalad (963) 4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars

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GameSpot (Aug 04, 2003)
Trading and battling with a friend over the link cable is also worth a try, and of course since there are two versions of the game, each with slightly different chip catalogs, trading is required should you want to collect each of the nearly 300 chips in the game. Even if you're not worried about hunting down every last hidden item, the game still provides a fairly lengthy run. Conceivably, those who might have grown tired of the series wouldn't find the kind of major changes that would provide a fresh experience in this latest pair of installments--but fans of the series will love them. If you haven't given this particular Mega Man spin-off a spin yet, now would be an excellent time.
NintendoWorldReport (Jun 22, 2003)
Mega Man Battle Network 3 continues the story line of the series and offers more of the same great gameplay. Fans of the first two will no doubt love this one. This game is a marked improvement on the existing formula, especially with the addition of the Navi Customizer. If you haven’t played a Battle Network title yet, this is the best of the bunch so far and would make a great addition to any RPG or action fan’s library. Newcomers may be a bit lost regarding the relationships between all the characters though. Lan may only be a school child, but his life is full of excitement.
GameSpy (Jun 26, 2003)
All in all, Mega Man Battle Network 3 is a lot like the previous two games, but the additions are particularly rewarding, and the new game balance is a definite plus. After playing this game, it'll be extra hard to go back to the previous games in the series, and the connections to the previous games are so slight that newcomers should definitely start with this game if they can.
GameZone (Jul 07, 2003)
Mega Man Battle Network 3 keeps true to the other entries in the series, and some would argue that maybe it’s a little too true. There really isn’t much of a step up from Battle Network 2, so anyone who wasn’t thrilled about that game probably wouldn’t get much out of this one. However, if you’re a hardcore fan of the series who likes it just as it is, then certainly give Battle Network 3 a chance.
80 (Jun 23, 2004)
Après des épisodes "Zero" d'une qualité plus qu'importante, Megaman nous revient au sein de sa troisième aventure prenant la forme d'un RPG sensationnel. Prenant, immersif et passionnant, voici les trois termes qui sont les plus à même de décrire un jeu de rôle de qualité, et, comble du bonheur, se retrouvent joyeusement dans ce titre fantastique. Que dire de plus si ce n'est que la profondeur de son gameplay ravira tout un chacun et que la mise en place d'innovations notables se révèle faite de manière intelligente. Un grand jeu, qui ne saurait être pris en défaut que sur ses compositions sonores et son animations. Un nouveau pallier est franchi par le petit robot. Espérons qu'il continue sur cette voie.
This game is long and difficult enough to please me. MMBN3 is, so far, the best Mega Man Battle Network game. It is only the best, because it has a few more features than the previous games in this series. However, MMBN 1 and 2 are better values, because you could get them for a cheaper price. Overall, MMBN 3 was fun, but lacked the innovation I expected.
IGN (Jun 25, 2003)
There's certainly nothing wrong with Mega Man Battle Network 3, since it features the same RPG game design as the previous two games in the series. But the problem: it's the same RPG game design as the previous two games in the series. Very little has changed in the game design, which seems like a trend in the Game Boy Advance market that's becoming more and more common; Golden Sun and Advance Wars shares this issue, and it's just a little disheartening to see it continue. But that said, the game's a fun, easy-to-follow adventure that takes more than the standard 20 hours of RPG gaming to get through. Just don't expect a whole lot of additional elements beyond what was already established in Battle Network and Battle Network 2.
N-Zone (Jul 09, 2003)
Capcoms neues Megaman-Abenteuer ist ein klassisches Rollenspiel. Ihr steuert euren Charakter durch eine futuristische Welt und befreit das Cybernetz Matrix-mäßig von Viren und Kriminalität. Die Kämpfe laufen dabei komplett rundenbasiert ab. Das Spielgeschehen ist leider relativ textlastig und der Spielanfang träge. Auch Grafik und Sound fordern den GBA nicht. Dafür kann man sich per Linkkabel mit Freunden um Items balgen. Die Versionen Blue und White bieten unterschiedliche Gegner und Items, sind spielerisch aber identisch.
Nintendojo (2003)
MMBN3 definitely measures up to the quality of the Network series, but it falls somewhere between one and two in terms of quality. The story is great, the character development is great, but the gameplay elements can get a little repetitive. MMBN3 is also the most difficult of the Network games. If you're a fan of the Network series, you'll definitely want to pick it up. If you've never played the Network series, I would recommend MMBN2, as it is the strongest of the series. MMBN3 is not a great game, but it is a very good one.
GamePro (US) (Jun 25, 2003)
Those who've played previous installments of this title will immediately notice that the plain isometric graphics and dull audio are unchanged, though the menus got a facelift. Eventually, you can make customizations to your Mega Man.exe, giving him attack bonuses, extra Hit Points, and new Abilities. These customizations require you to arrange power-up programs on a grid according to a set of compatibility rules. If you "program" Mega Man incorrectly, an error message will prevent him from executing. When combined with the slow-moving plot, it's an awful lot of effort for a few new cards and features. If you're not a Mega Maniac, there's no point in bothering with this game.