Mega Man Battle Network 4: Red Sun Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Title Screen
Hey, you said it, not me.
The scientists discover a threat to the planet
Lan picks up his PET with Mega Man to start the game
Pause Menu
The Microwave program is in trouble!
At the start of the game, you're taught the basics of Net Battling
Each chip you select has only one use per turn
Mega Man explores Lan's home page
Some Internet paths are blocked by security cubes
Sometimes, beating enemies will give you their associated Battle Chip
...sounds dangerous...
This is Lan's friend and rival, Dex
Battle this Navi and earn yourself a set of...earphones?
Awesome Juice is my favorite juice
It's almost as big as Sim Lim!
Mega Man meets his friends, Roll and Glyde
ShadeMan consumes the life out of other Navis
The City map
Lan's friend, Dex's room. What a mess!
You can also view various bulliten boards for hints
Hope you're not looking at me!
Not only a vampire, but psychic too!
This giant speaker is emitting a piercing sonic wail
A dangerous looking place...