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    Infiltrate the Nebula Headquarters with the help of Baryl and his Navi, Colonel!

    Dr. Regal and his cronies from Nebula HQ have returned and raided SciLab. It's up to Lan and Mega Man to return the stolen PETS to their rightful owners! Game content is the same for MEGA MAN BN 5 COLONEL and MEGA MAN BN 5 PROTOMAN, but NetNavi chips and other items may differ.

    Contributed by Harmony‚ô° (20041) on Jul 26, 2016.

    Virus warning

    Mega Man and Lan have a new batch of viruses to exterminate.

    The Net can be a dangerous place, but Lan and his faithful Navi, MegaMan, return to clean it up in Mega Man Battle Network 5.


    • Two new versions: Team Protoman and Team Colonel
    • New Liberation Missions and Chaos Union System
    • Six new souls in the Soul Unison System for each version
    • Trade programs and battle chips and do battle with a Game Boy Advance Game Link Cable

    A mysterious Navisforce has taken control of the Internet!! Now it's up to Lan and his friends to infiltrate the Dark Chip Factory in the Nebula Headquarters and destroy the Dark Chip production system. The survival of cyberspace hangs in the balance!

    The game comes in two versions, Team Protoman and Team Colonel. Each has its own storylines, allies, enemies and battlechips. Players can connect via the Game Boy Advance Game Link Cable to trade battlechips, swap programs or do battle. You can also connect to someone who has a copy of Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django to compete in head-to-head battles.

    In addition to the gameplay you've come to expect from the Mega Man Battle Network series, version 5 sends you on Liberation Missions. Darkloids hold certain areas of the Net hostage by putting up Dark Hole panels. You must defeat the Darloids to get rid of the panels and make the Net accessible again.

    Liberation Missions are played as a turn-based strategy game. Once you've finished moving all your Navis in the area, your opponent takes his turn. When you battle, your Navi may find itself at an advantage or a disadvantage. It all depends on the number of Dark Panels around your Navi.

    The Soul Unison System which debuted in Mega Man Battle Network 4 return for another go with six new souls available in each version of the game. Mega Man also gets a new power, Chaos Union, which lets him control the power of the dark and fuse his Dark Souls with it. This power causes massive destruction to the viruses you're battling, but if things go wrong, the Dark Soul within Mega Man will leave his body and attack him instead.

    Bottom Line

    The gameplay is similar to that of Mega Man Battle Network 4. If you enjoyed that game, you'll get into the new storyline and tweaks to the game.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65856) on Jul 31, 2006.