Written by  :  Justin Bailey (10)
Written on  :  May 27, 2006
Platform  :  Game Boy Advance
Rating  :  4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars

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The best 2D METROID game i've seen.

The Good

Every METROID game goes better and better over the time (Let's not count the 3D METROID games on this topic). METROID on the NES was an unique game, with an unique system, and unique playability, that has been conserved and improved over the years, it has detoured once or twice, but then it returns to its roots, like it should. This is the case with MZM.

MZM is, basically, a full-fledge Remake of the Original NES METROID. It is almost identical in EVERYTHING - Layout, sequence (Although in METROID you can beat Ridley first than you do beat Kraid), Items, map. Even going thru certain key areas give you a reminiscence to METROID, and Nostalgia comes out. It even resembles the way Samus walked in NES METROID. METROID ZERO MISSION is basically what NES METROID could never be.

As for the playability, the game feels like NES Metroid, but much faster, dynamic, less frustrating than the NES game. The inclussion of minibosses, secret rooms (The game even respects almost faithfully the Item Location from the NES Metroid), and the consequential mission upon beating Motherbrain adds the game a lot of replay value.

Graphically, the game is a joy. It feels as if you were playing a Manga. The backgrounds, level design, the way some tiles go transparent to reveal you there's something behind is very interesting. Seeing old enemies "A la Advance" is an unexplainable joy. The intro scenes, the cinemas give it a more Anime look.

As for the music, listening to the faithfully represented NES melodies in MIDI is another joy that almost brought tears to my eyes, and at the same time, gave me that feeling that makes your hair stand to the end. Yamamoto and Hamano have done a GOOD JOB remixing the old NES melodies.

The Bad

There was a beacon Kraid in the NES Metroid, just like in Super Metroid. They didn't include it in this one. That's the ONLY thing that I didn't like about the game. The rest is about perfect.

Short? It's short like any METROID game. I can beat Metroid Fusion with 100% Items in 1:30.

I could beat Super Metroid in 1:35 (100%). It's the fastest I can do.

MZM needs 1:40 with 100%. Short my @$$.

The Bottom Line

It's unavoidable to compare this game to Metroid Fusion. And it's easy to do, since both games are for Game Boy Advance. Honestly, Metroid Zero Mission is waaaaaaaaaaay better than Metroid Fusion, because MZM IS A METROID GAME, as they should be.

Lots of replay value, connection bonuses, and item-restriction ndings makes MSM a very rewarding game. As a METROID geek, this game is simply perfect.