Monster Force Credits

Digital Eclipse Software, Inc.

Lead ProgrammerDedan Anderson
Lead ArtistRay Cosico
Project ManagerLars Bakken
System ProgrammersAdam Rippon, Bryan Sawler
Tools ProgrammersTim Glasser
ArtistsCarlos J. Guzman, Tom Lisowski, Vaughn Ross, Daniel Shallock, Luc Verhulst, Peter Ward
ProductionAllison Farquhar, William S. Schmitt, Matt Sammons, Daniel Young
Sound DesignRobert Baffy
Sound ProductionRobert Baffy
Additional MusicEd Cosico
Senior ProducerRenée Johnson
Creative DirectorMichael Mika Sr.
Art DirectorBoyd Burggrabe
Production ManagerChris Charla
Executive ProducersAndrew Ayre, Jeff Vavasour
Special ThanksKristy Jennings, Mindi Levine, Kristen Mullin, Darryl Starr

Universal Interactive

Creative DirectorRicci Rukavina
Production CoordinatorMelissa Miller
Senior ProducerDaniel E. Suarez
Additional Production SupportSean Mountain
Vice President of Global MarketingTorrie Dorrell
Sr. Product ManagerCraig Howe
Marketing CoordinatorJason Covey
Senior Manager Public RelationsAlex Skillman
Jr. PublicistSandra Shagat
Director of PromotionsChandra Hill
Creative Services SupervisorMichael Sequeira
Booklet DesignLauren Azeltine
TestingAbsolute Quality Inc
Special ThanksBig Sesh Studios, Letty Cadena, Ken Cron, Scott M. Johnson, Gary Lake-Schaal, Vijay Lakshman, Tom Petit, Sarah Rico, Nancy Rinehart, Suzan Rude, Marcus Sanford, Joey Sayson, Adnès Touraine, Luc Vanhal, VUG Sales Team, Jim Wilson, Charles Yam

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Credits for this game were contributed by Corn Popper (69237) and formercontrib (159700)