Monster Truck Madness Credits

Tantalus Interactive

ProducerRohan Westbury
Game DesignerDavid Hewitt
Additional DesignRohan Westbury, David Lally
Lead ProgrammerPaul Seedy
ProgrammersMatthew Hall, Stuart McMahon, David Theodore
Lead ArtistGuy Ratcliffe
Senior ArtistJohn Zheng
ArtistsDiem Tao, Matthew Chapman, Emma Kelly
Production AssistantDavid Lally
TestersBen Kosmina, Peter Simpson
Music FX and GAX Sound EngineShin'en
Voice TalentMatthew Hall
Chief Technical OfficerAndrew Bailey
Studio ManagerArthur Kakouris
Systems ManagerTrevor Nuridin
Chief Executive OfficerTom Crago
Special ThanksJohn Szoke, Angel Sisson, Angela Hone, Colin Totman


ProducersColin Totman, Angel Sisson
Project Management DirectorDylan Miklashek
Vice President Product DevelopmentPhilip Holt
Executive Vice President Worldwide StudiosJack Sorensen
Senior TesterRyan Winterholler
Quality Assurance TestersShawn Murakami, Ryan Rothenberger, John Prepuk
1st Party Submission SpecialistEvan Icenbice
1st Party TestersJoe Lerman, Adam Affrunti, Scott Ritchie
Quality Assurance TechnicianMario Waibel
QA Database AdministratorJason Roberts
Quality Assurance ManagerMonica Vallejo
Director Of Quality AssuranceJeremy S. Barnes
Senior Vice President Worldwide MarketingPeter Dille
Group Marketing ManagerAlison Quirion
Associate Product Marketing ManagerHeather Hall
Marketing CoordinatorDamian Garcia
Director Of Creative ServicesHoward Liebeskind
Senior Manager Creative ServicesKathy Helgason
Associate Creative Services ManagerAndrea Hendrick
Instruction Manual Written ByKeith M. Kolmos
Packaging And LayoutPrice Design
Special ThanksBrian J. Farrell, Alison Locke, Germaine Gioia, Leslie Brown, Brandy A. Carrillo


Business Development ManagerMelethia Campbell
Licencing ManagerKathy Kim
Product PlannerAlfred Tan
Program ManagerJohn Eberhardt
Product ManagerScott Lee

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Credits for this game were contributed by Gassey (58)