Muppet Pinball Mayhem Credits (Game Boy Advance)

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Muppet Pinball Mayhem Credits

Developed by Digital Eclipse Software, Inc.

Lead ProgrammerSebastian Abel
Lead ArtistThorsten Brockmann
Additional ArtDaniel Sczepansky
Table DesignSteven Kovensky
Music and SoundPVCF / Reflex Studio
Support ToolsViktor Kuzmin, Serge Kuzmin
ProducerWilliam Baffy
Associate ProducerDaniel Young
Art DirectorBoyd Burggrabe
Senior ProducerRenée Johnson
Production ManagerChris Charla
Creative DirectorMichael Mika Sr.
Executive ProducersAndrew Ayre, Jeff Vavasour

Published by NewKidCo International

Director of Product LicensingNina Skalka
Marketing Brand ManagerRobert Rotondi
ProducerSeth W. Rosenfeld
TestingAlexis Negron
Special Thanks toBradley Skalka, Eric Samulski, Big Sam, Lil' Lily
The Jim Henson CompanyCraig Allen, C. Steve Booth, Noah Dudley, Paige Pooler, Erika Pedersen

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