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Orbient (Game Boy Advance)

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Orbient Credits


Executive ProducerSatoru Iwata
ProducersKensuke Tanabe, Hiroshi Suzuki
SupervisorsKenshirĊ Ueda, Yoshihito Ikebata, Hideaki Fukutome
DirectorHiroaki Ishibashi
Game DesignHiroaki Ishibashi, Jun Sasaki
PlanningKeita Etoh, Kazuomi Suzuki, Naoya Kawahira, Yasuhiro Tanaka
Main ProgramFumihiro Kanaya
ProgramYasuo Kuwahara, Yoshikazu Fujita
Design WorkKouichi Mikado (Polygon Magic Inc.), Hiroaki Ishibashi, Jun Sasaki
Sound DesignHiromichi Fujiwara
Product ManagementSayuri Yajima, Miki Yamauchi
Project ManagementKeisuke Terasaki
Technical SupportHironobu Kakui, Yoshito Yasuda
DebugSuper Mario Club
MonitorSarugakucho Inc.
Art WorkYoshitomo Kitamura, Kazuya Yoshioka (package), Ryuichi Suzuki (manual), Yasuo Inoue
Special ThanksToru Hashimoto, Rieko Shinbo, Fieldsystem Inc., Paradisejam Ltd.

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