Pac-Man Collection Credits (Game Boy Advance)

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Pac-Man Collection Credits

Namco Hometek Inc

ProducerMike Lescault
Associate ProducerJonathan Kromrey
Product Marketing ManagerJim Atkiss
Quality Assurance ManagerBrian Schorr
Quality AssuranceDae Kim, Adrian Escultura, Erik Van Pelt, Ryan Chennault
Package and Manual DesignPrice Design Team
Special ThanksYoshinori Homma, Jesse Taylor, Dai Matsumoto, Berry Kane, Yasuhiro Noguchi, Roman Scharnberg
Special Thanks to Namco LtdMasaya Nakamura, Shigeru Yokoyama, Takefumi Hyōdō

Mass Media

ProducerBernard Whang
Special ThanksCharlene Bohnhoff
Executive ProducerDavid Todd
ProgrammingRobert Toone, Andrew Green, Bob Hickman, Colby Koch
Shell ProgrammerNigel Spencer
Lead ArtistRobin Karlsson
Software Tools GuruKen Jordan
Additional ToolsDan Pinal
MusicJim Andron
SFX ConversionBernard Whang, Andrew Burg
Additional ArtworkBernard Whang
Pac‑Man ArrangementAndrew Burg
Interactive Studio ManagementRobert Jacob, Clyde Grossman, Stewart Kosoy
TestingDonald Mendoza

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Credits for this game were contributed by Corn Popper (69396)