Phantasy Star Collection Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

PS1: Isometric view
PS1: In the dungeon
PS1: Fighting
PS1: Stats
PS1: More stats
PS1: Water monster
PS1: Pikachu in Phantasy Star? ;-)
PS1: Angry mammoth
PS1: No, it's not Pikachu.
PS1: This is going to be a tough battle
PS1 - intro
PS1 - Stormtrooper and Gandalf in one
PS1 - scorpion
PS1 Open treasure chest
PS1 - Tips from citizens
PS1 - Port and sea
PS1 - fight in forest
PS2 - Intro - nightmare
PS2 intro - hero
PS2 - dialogue
PS2 - futuristic town
PS2 - Weapon shop
PS2 - fight against ants
PS2 - long walk